@mim_tweeta at London Fashion Week

Yesterday (14th September 2012) saw the opening of London Fashion Week, showing London’s latest style delights for Spring Summer 2013. Again, I was kindly asked by my lovely friend Antony Waller if I’d like to pop along to Bora Aksu’s show…again I tried to play cool, again I failed, snapping that invite right outta his hand! He did demand my ipad for the show’s official tweets though, so fair’s fair I guess…I now have Bora’s log-in deets and have since read through all the amazing responses from his show – I’m sorely tempted to pretend I’m him and speak to some of the celebs who love him….(smacks wrist)!

Bora Aksu's Collection worn on all the models at London Fashion Week

I’m so proud to know Bora through Antony – it’s a connection I treasure, he is an incredible jewel in the whole confusing and sometimes strange world of fashion. A calm, collected person who speaks quietly, he’s not one to brag in terms of profession, completely focused on what he loves most – fashion design and illustration and clearly adores his family and friends. He creates exquisite, jaw dropping collections featuring beautiful prints with clever draping and cutting. I tried to work out how one of his dresses were made once and gave up, he’s just too clever, he could never be copied! Please click HERE to watch his show, it really is absolutely stunning.

Dressing for LFW is always a bit scary, because you know that the turnout will be totally OTT, (see pics) so I kept it simple and wore my Baukjen maxi dress with a new Baukjen Kate sequinned jacket and a pair of Ash Jalouse Ankle Boots…my winter wardrobe sorted, although I’ve been meaning to buy a pair of tights from Bora’s collection for ages, so that’s my next fashion purchase, but I do have to stop there as I’m trying to be frugal…I said I’m trying!!

Bora Aksu tights

Chelsea Flower Show Stoppers

Jo Thompson’s Garden – A Celebration of Caravaning – Silver Winner

I could never claim to be a gardener – it’s a shame really, my father was an amazing farmer and my mother and sister are able to turn any plot into something beautiful with pretty scented flora & forna…I on the other hand, will spend a fortune at expensive garden centres (Stubbings usually), only to watch my once enthusiastic planting turn brown a few months down the line…frost is my enemy here!!

Indian Ocean – Latitude Seating

So when one of my clients (Indian Ocean) asked if I wouldn’t mind popping along to the Press Day at the Chelsea Flower Show, I jumped at the chance. I love this show, the atmosphere itself is such a buzz and the great thing about being someone on a stand, is that you can just about see and meet everyone – it was quite surreal to see so many celebrities walking past in a que – I couldn’t resist snapping Angela Rippon, who was such a sweetie – really wanted to snap Ringo Star, but lost the nerve! I’d never make a papparazzi…too scared!

Legend Angela Rippon

But of course it’s not about who’s there, but the beautiful gardens on show. I wondered off the stand to have a little look around, as I knew another couple of people who were there. Namely the gorgeous Kayla Robinson who was working on the World Vision Garden, which is where we snapped Alan – quite apt considering I met her the week before at Cybher with Sian To who is currently raising awareness for Niger and reporting on the situation over there.


Then I went to see my friend Annabel Lewis who is VV Rouleaux – she had a little shed in the Artisanal corner next to Orla Kiely – it was beautiful – I love VV Rouleaux.


And finally my other client Home Barn had loaned some of their fab pieces to Country Greenhouses by Alitex – their vintageness just fitted in so well, I almost missed them!


So the day was quite packed – my fave gardens had to be Jo Thompson’s ‘A Celebration of Caravaning’ which featured the cutest caravan called Doris – she reminded me of our family holidays in Wales when we used to caravan – clearly ours was some great ugly thing from the 70’s, which I’ll save for a future post! I also fell in love with Cleve West’s Winning Brewin Dolphin garden – he seems to win every year – amazing gardener.


So I’m all inspired and ready to plant….now where’s that trowel?!