coloring in style, courtesy Ralph Lauren

RL Gang colouring books

The birds were tweeting, butterflies a-fluttering, sun a-shining, flowers blooming and that damn bouncy castle was up at the kiddies park today – Spring has absolutely and finally arrived…then reality hit and I realised that my little girls had to wear a mish-mash of whatever I could find due to my lack of weather foresight.

So after a tightly-fitting scoot in the park, I remembered earlier this week, the lovely peeps of Ralph Lauren posted me some cute little colouring books full of fab styles for little ones. Their ranges are gorgeous as most would expect, and pieces that I would invest in for special events, (Weddings, Christenings, etc….not birthday parties though, been down that route with gorgeous clothes before and realised after one party why all the other children were wearing denim and other destroyable outfits…I’ve since learnt my lesson)!

This Summer though, Ralph Lauren Childrenswear have created something called the RL Gang, a sweet all American little gang of various mini characters – River, Hudson, Jasper, Oliver, Katherine, Mae, Willow and Zoe, who all star in the RL Gang campaign. My girls went for Katherine’s style, (she likes to dress up in floral….bit like my two really), wish they were a little more bohemian, like Zoe Rocker, but that may develop with age, (along with the tummy button piercings and a small tattoo of a butterfly on their backs…shudder at the thought!)

And if I had a little boy, my preference would definitely be Hudson the budding photographer:

Anyway, back to the coloring books – I have a few of these to give away if you fancy, so leave me your thoughts on which is your fave from the RL Gang, and I’ll post one to you with some crayons – as you can see from my 5 yr old’s creative colouring-in efforts, any style can happen!