I have a bit of a guilty indulgence every 4 weeks, and it causes all manner of disputes from the other half, who also indulges in a similar activity with the same person. And for those with filthy minds, let me let you down slightly and admit this is about my soul hair mate. After […]

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I’ve never been one for choosing an in-store stylist – personal shopping assistant, or whatever you want to call them, because I’ve always felt my own style spoke for itself and I know what I like/need/want. But, then when you find that little independent gem in a place near to home, housing just about every […]

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Did I mention I’m a Reiki Master? I know right…not the sort of thing you’d expect for one so obsessed with shoes and other forms of shallow consumerism! But here I am, using this blissful form of relaxing therapyΒ as treatments for those looking to heal and relax. Bare with as IΒ attempt to explain as best […]

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pre festive party shopping with Stella & Dot

A life full of work, London meetings, school pick-ups, after school activities and racing up to Staffordshire from Bucks and back for my father recently, has taken its toll on the old social life – I literally hadn’t seen any of my friends for ages, so what better excuse for a coffee morning than a […]

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time for an Autumn fashion fix…

It’s been a funny old time of late what with the dark weather and all that, so thought I’d throw a little Autumn fashion out there to uplift otherwise slightly damp spirits. What better to lift the mood than a pair of gorgeous sparkly shoes teamed with a few amazing pieces by some of my […]

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impatient gardener

Yes…you read right…I’m ACTUALLY gardening and everything, (no really!) I have Hunter Wellies, a parka and a new found enthusiasm to get my fingernails dirty…normally I have a real dislike for dirty fingernails and find it a sign of lack of hygiene, or maybe it’s because I did one day of potatoe picking for my […]

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