Chelsea Flower Show…


This year was Chelsea Flower Show’s centenary, and what a show. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to attend, and I have to thank Heather from Indian Ocean for allowing me to use her very rare Press Day tickets – it’s a complete honor to attend the day before the public view the Chelsea Show, and also the most exciting…this is down to so much amazing talent and the sheer turnout of complete legends. It’s celebrity land, you literally cannot move without bumping into them, so I took full advantage while viewing the stunning gardens and snapped away – please note, I did not stalk David Gandy, he was merely in the way of my camera while I shot one of the gardens…no really! (If not familiar with the impossibly handsome DG, please Google his name…you’ll be in for a lovely surprise)…

David Gandy Collage

We tried to have a quick shot with Davina, but she was having none of it and ran away from me, as did a few others…I’d make a hopeless papparazzi!

celebrity collageAnyway, I’m sure you’d like a little inspiration for your own gardens or outdoor spaces, there’s so much talent at Chelsea Flower Show, I just wish I could afford my garden to look like some of these amazing designs…

African garden

Cornish garden2



cornish gardenI was looking out for gorgeous blooms from Blackmore and Langdons in the pavillion; they’re friends of my parent’s friends and they came to our wedding, sadly I couldn’t find them, but I did find some fabulous Alliums (featured heavily at my wedding)

AlliumsIndian Ocean’s stand was opposite the beautiful First Touch Charity Garden, they had the best ambassadors Ortis Deley and Chris Jarvis who were there supporting such an amazing charity for premature babies – A friend of mine had her little girl at St Georges in the premature baby unit at First Touch, she was there for 5 months and they performed miracles for her – amazing charity, please check it out.

Ortis Deley & Chris JarvisIndian Ocean’s stand was stunning as ever – they do beautiful outdoor furniture and they’re the reason I decided to start my own business, sometimes I feel like someone is spoiling me somewhere!

Indian OceanThe best bit had to be bumping into so many friends, namely EmilyJohnathanLisa, Danners, Clare and Rhoda – I was a bit late for school pick-up after all our funny chats.

And of course, Chelsea Flower Show wouldn’t be complete without a Chelsea Pensioner mention – don’ t they look smart…..

chelsea pensioners

Chelsea Flower Show Stoppers

Jo Thompson’s Garden – A Celebration of Caravaning – Silver Winner

I could never claim to be a gardener – it’s a shame really, my father was an amazing farmer and my mother and sister are able to turn any plot into something beautiful with pretty scented flora & forna…I on the other hand, will spend a fortune at expensive garden centres (Stubbings usually), only to watch my once enthusiastic planting turn brown a few months down the line…frost is my enemy here!!

Indian Ocean – Latitude Seating

So when one of my clients (Indian Ocean) asked if I wouldn’t mind popping along to the Press Day at the Chelsea Flower Show, I jumped at the chance. I love this show, the atmosphere itself is such a buzz and the great thing about being someone on a stand, is that you can just about see and meet everyone – it was quite surreal to see so many celebrities walking past in a que – I couldn’t resist snapping Angela Rippon, who was such a sweetie – really wanted to snap Ringo Star, but lost the nerve! I’d never make a papparazzi…too scared!

Legend Angela Rippon

But of course it’s not about who’s there, but the beautiful gardens on show. I wondered off the stand to have a little look around, as I knew another couple of people who were there. Namely the gorgeous Kayla Robinson who was working on the World Vision Garden, which is where we snapped Alan – quite apt considering I met her the week before at Cybher with Sian To who is currently raising awareness for Niger and reporting on the situation over there.


Then I went to see my friend Annabel Lewis who is VV Rouleaux – she had a little shed in the Artisanal corner next to Orla Kiely – it was beautiful – I love VV Rouleaux.


And finally my other client Home Barn had loaned some of their fab pieces to Country Greenhouses by Alitex – their vintageness just fitted in so well, I almost missed them!


So the day was quite packed – my fave gardens had to be Jo Thompson’s ‘A Celebration of Caravaning’ which featured the cutest caravan called Doris – she reminded me of our family holidays in Wales when we used to caravan – clearly ours was some great ugly thing from the 70’s, which I’ll save for a future post! I also fell in love with Cleve West’s Winning Brewin Dolphin garden – he seems to win every year – amazing gardener.


So I’m all inspired and ready to plant….now where’s that trowel?!