sweet nothings

Sticking to diets, exercising regularly, being organised, remembering basic things (like really really basic things…my child’s lunch box for example), being professional at all times, keeping composed under stress without freaking out and general ‘Super Woman’ type behaviour has never been a strong point for me – I know I’m not alone with this, my […]

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Rewind Festival – the 80’s never sounded so good

Rewind 241

Again, it’s been a while since settling down and composing my recent happenings, I put this down to lack of motivation / summer hangovers / certain friends and family / eating too much / bloggers block / mental block / motivation block / general blockage / awholelotta holidays / general fun / festivals / that […]

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festival funshine…

July11 174

OH WOW…Camp Bestival…what a fun time. Hubby, myself, Lady I and Lady P all made our way down to the beautiful Lullworth Castle in Β Dorset with our friend Steve and Little Lady S – we were too late to book Camping Plus, so we had to make do with a Yurt…ahhh, poor you I hear […]

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