Mummy In Manolos, blogs the lifestyle and loves of an illustrator with two little ladies, one hot hubby and a bit of a shoe addiction.

If you’d like a chat in private, you can contact me.

If you’d like a chat in public, my twitter is @mummyinmanolos

More about me….

From time to time, I’d like to review various items I’ve bought, and forward you my personal ratings/rantings – these reviews will honestly be my own and not influenced by commercial affiliations. You can read more about this on my Disclosure Page.


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  1. liz,
    fantastic blog! love it – well done.
    I do see a book “mummy in manolos” coming soon – work on it, i’ll buy copies xx

  2. Lizzie – that’s great, I love every post (more coming??) and you just haven’t changed a bit… how do you manage to make me (us) grin and giggle each time? Miss you xxx

  3. Hi there, enjoyed discovering your blog. Do you have an email address you use to receive info from PRs that might be of interest for your blogging? Couldn’t see a contact on this site but we at Vintage Seekers wanted to get in touch…

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