Eco Warrior in Heels…

Anyone else feeling a little exhausted with all the Political Votes, Climate Change Activism, and general confusion over SO. MUCH. BIG. STUFF! It’s just too much – I’ve just been down to our local Polling Station, and I’m baffled by the amount of political parties out there!

So voted green, something I thought I’d never do as didn’t feel like they were qualified enough to look after our green and pleasant land, but from witnessing the most ridiculous political climate for the past 2…3(?) years, the Green Party just tick all of my boxes for most of what I believe in, and how could it possibly get any worse?!

So the above illustration is pure contradiction for the ‘right now’, a sassy 2019 madam in massive heels, she’s ‘insta-ready’ wearing a camo featuring the Extinction Rebellion logo – because you don’t have to be a Doc Martin kinda gal to fight for what you believe in, (although DM’s would be far more comfortable).

Fashion is one of the biggest climate monsters due to fast fashion now out of control, Netflix’s The True Cost gives us the best account of this, that was filmed in 2015, 4 years ago, and things STILL haven’t changed. We NEED. TO. CHANGE – there is no ‘Business as Usual’ – it’s too late!

Anyway, this post is up for debate – if you’re here (thank you by the way, and for reading this far), I think it would be interesting for everyone to understand diverse opinions, so please do post in comments what you think about what’s happening – it’s so important we keep in touch about our home.

Thank you x


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