Hello Blog… Instagram is down, and I err.. miss you x

My last Instagram post from today featuring my lunch No 5. London End…is it really the last??

Dear Blog

I’m apologising for the lack of love I originally set out to give when I started you back in 2010? 2011? I don’t know, it was AGES ago, and I’ve been seriously rude. Apart from 2 posts or less from last year, you and I haven’t really stayed in touch, and this makes me sad.

I was lured by the dopamine hit that is Instagram, and sadly carried away by the insanity that is gaining followers over on that platform. But today Insta and FB Towers, alongside Whatsapp by the sounds of things have fallen to the virtual wayside, but not until I’d posted a really great pic of my lunch at No. 5 London End – what a fabulous lunch that was.

Like an old friend, you’re still here, waiting for a spot of mindless content to fill your pages, so here I am, back in your arms… because you know what, you’re mine. I don’t have to rely on some sort of silicone valley to put things right, because you’re already here and I’m the one who is in control.

And also, it’s SO blummin easy to post a blog – why haven’t I done this sooner.

So here’s a thought, what if… Instagram and Facebook are ruined for the rest of their life and all our content has disappeared forever? Now there’s a thought.

For now, I’m posting this, with the intention to be a little more prolific over here and update you with all the lovely lifestyle stuff I’ve been getting up to. OK, you don’t have that instant hit, but who cares, maybe my migraine was a sign! Here’s to you and the old school way of chatting to the ether – and then actually using Twitter!! Oh heck, I’ve got a bit of virtual sucking up to do!!

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