insta_brunch (1 of 1)-25Ever had one of those moments where you feel something is so right, the after-glow fills your soul with a great big warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you think actually, you’ve got this? I hope so, because Tuesday last week did just that for me personally.

insta_brunch (1 of 1)-78Throwing caution to the wind, call it madness, call it a professional journey to make some sort of impression/brand exposure, whatever the reason. It was all born from a vision years ago, one that predicted social media would become the new form of media the UK would trust more than untrustworthy sensationalist/damning headlines on newspapers and glossies. And I felt last Tuesday was the time for me to put it out there within our community here in Marlow.

I had no idea whether we were ready for this, but from observing a new wave of bloggers, social media influencers, incredible design agencies, micro-businesses, freelancers, authors, solo-preneurs and those thinking of launching something fresh and new, I couldn’t ignore the fact that there’s a bit of an underground rumble going on over here within the Bucks, Berks, Herts & Oxon turf – one that I feel is about to become a bit of a ‘thing’ soon, and hopefully an explosion of recognition for homegrown talent, right here on our doorstep.

insta_brunch (1 of 1)-76

There’s a theory that all this talent within a very small space is due to unrealistic living/working/travelling costs into central London, so the best creative talent prefers to work outside of London, only half an hour away from the city, (Cross Rail about to open any minute, so that helps), set amidst lots of space and stunning countryside, still working for acclaimed, cosmopolitan creatives without the financial sting. That and the ton of amazing schools for our kiddos for us older ones (free and all given an Outstanding by ofsted btw…just saying if you’d like a little look!)

Thankfully some of these incredible people gave up their precious time to attend an Instagram event I held under my professional name @creative.communicator on Tuesday last week – we hashtagged it as  the #marlowcollective if you fancy seeing what we’re up to – don’t worry, we’re not going to be a superior clique on this, we WANT you to know what we’re up to! This was held at the funky Co-Working offices Spaces and featured the very brilliant @ollie_eats – foodiegrammer and amazing speaker. He has cleverly grown his followers around a full time career at the same time becoming a new dad with another on the way. We decided to work together, because he’s from our home turf, he grew his followers to over 4,500 in just 18 months, while dealing with a big career and new family. Because that’s real, achievable, organic and regional to those who attended. He did a fantastic job, and those that attended were really impressed with his authentic approach.

Photo 20-03-2018, 05 46 16 (1)Finally, the group who were able to attend were amazing – they made it really. There was this family vibe that stayed strong, it felt we all had each other’s backs and that we were there not just for the actual talk, but for each other. Maybe it was the coffee, or the amazing ‘Grandpa’s Chicken Curry’ Soul Deli served us, I don’t know, but it was blummin special. That’s the magic of ‘community’…

insta_brunch (1 of 1)-36

To find out about more future events for the #marlowcollective, visit
Photography by Melissa Matthews Design Studio


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