I fetched Mum from Staffordshire this week for a hospital appointment, which, as we were just approaching the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, we found that we didn’t need to be there until next month, and the letter she was holding was actually a cancellation! I told her she wasn’t going to make the next appointment, as I was going to put her in a Home for the sheer inconvenience! Don’t worry, I won’t, this is the sort of humour she and I have with each other, a typical mother daughter bond that most of us take for granted, I know I certainly do.

And as I managed part of my working week with Mum here, (thought it would be a brilliant idea to hold an Instagram workshop on the 20th March, which I’m trying to get my head around at the moment…more on that later), I had to stop, step away from my phone, enjoy her presence and watch her.


It was something a friend said on Facebook, Kate – that she’d give anything to be able to buy her mum a card, and finds this time of the year very hard.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for quite a lot of my friends who no longer have their mothers with them.

And while I watched Mum make an apple pie, telling me off for being on my phone too much and to spend more time with my girls, treat my husband better, etc, (I do by the way, just saying!), I’m trying to take in everything and appreciate my time with her, as my manic life down here in Bucks can sometimes distract me from just making a simple call to her. She’s making a chicken pie as I write this post, we’re going to be absolutely STUFFED after today, but she loves to bake and it’s her thing, so who am I to stop her!!

Thank you Kate for making me realise how lucky I am, here’s to you and all our amazing mums today whether they are with us or not, sending so much love x

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