Ovarian CancerApparently it’s Spring, the snow has thawed now, so it must be! I was hoping for this post to reach you for the 1st March to help raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, but then ‘snow day’ happened on Friday, and I’m not a blogger who plans her posts!

I want to introduce you to my lovely yoga buddy Debs, who very sadly lost her sister in law Alison to Ovarian Cancer last monday. Alison’s battle lasted just under a year, and I was so sad to hear she passed away.

Alison’s family are doing all they can to raise awareness through the energy of Yoga, and on the 17th March 2018 (a full moon), have planned for hundreds of Yogis to gather around the world to complete 108 sponsored sun salutations and raise money to help fight this dreadful disease, and stop it claiming on average 11 lives a day.  Just so you are aware, the main symptoms to look out for are…

  • Persistent bloating – not bloating that comes and goes
  • Feeling full quickly and/or loss of appetite
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain (that’s your tummy and below)
  • Urinary symptoms (needing to wee more urgently or more often than usual)
  • Changes in bowel habit (eg diarrhoea or constipation)
  • Extreme fatigue (feeling very tired)
  • Unexplained weight loss

If you would like to become part of the team to help raise funds for the Salute for Alison Just Giving Page  please do read about their plight here on Salute.Yoga, where Debbie will explain the cause in more detail. Visit Target Ovarian Cancer’s website, and find out how you can help or find support.

Thank you x

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