The 15th February was supposed to Oxfam’s #FashionFightinghPoverty Campaign, planned to be held at the Freemasons in London. Sadly it had to be cancelled due to the Haiti Scandal which was reported just before the event.

I’m so saddened by it all, an incredible charity brought down due to some idiots who completely took advantage of working for Oxfam. This incredible cause looks after the most vulnerable, and at the end of the day, the vulnerable are the ones who will be most affected, especially if donations are lost.

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So in an effort to rekindle this great cause and all that Oxfam does for those suffering out of our sight, please let me bring you back to such a fabulous campaign, because it’s a good one. Vogue’s top stylist Bay Garnett and her friends Paloma Faith, Erin O’Connor and Kate Moss were booked to model Bay’s styles, featuring pieces sold via Oxfam’s online Designer Boutique. I personally have my eye on this little number…

Prada Size 10 Navy Draped Top With Velvet Trim

A pretty piece by Prada for £175. Mind you I bought a Nicole Farhi piece in my local Oxfam shop in Marlow the other day for £9.99, so to be fair, keep looking, as these things can sometimes be right on your doorstep for a lot less!

Actually, on the same visit, it did occur to me that I wouldn’t mind playing shops and having a go merchandising their front window. I did look into this, and if you have a spare couple of hours, you can actually offer just an hour or so, all the celebs are doing it!

The Guardian featured an incredible shoot with Kate Moss and David Bailey, if you’re a fan of either these fashion icons, have a read, the illustration for this post was inspired by one of the outfits Kate is wearing. Kate has always been a fan of Charity Shop finds and recalls, “From the age of 14 to 18 or 19, I got all my clothes from Oxfam. And then I started making myself go vintage so I didn’t have to trawl. You couldn’t buy 70s clothes in shops in the early 90s, it was all late-80s clothes. I wanted to dress like a hippy – those ribbed jumpers, that was the only place to get them. Bin liners full of clothes for £5. I remember seeing Yves Saint Laurent suits from the 70s for £50 or something ridiculous. Amazing!”


We salute you Oxfam – for all those reading this, please keep donating, keep supporting, don’t let SUCH a great cause be defeated by just a few, Oxfam do incredible work and need your help, besides, it’s good for you – scientific research suggests ‘helping helps the helper’ – it makes you happy!

Visit to find something gorgeous, learn something new, help those who are vulnerable – thank you xxx

2 thoughts on “ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE…

  1. The actions of those few should not take away from the immense good Oxfam has good BUT there is no getting away from the fact that what they did was heinous. I don’t blame the charity for the actions of those monsters but I am deeply concerned about how the matter was handled by them. I say this as somebody who has donated to Oxfam for many years. I have a huge problem with their mishandling of this situation and it makes me question what other things they have hidden over the years. Maybe this campaign should have been put on ice until things have been resolved? Normally I’d be first in line to support something like this but right now I am not comfortable with being associated with Oxfam.

  2. Wonderful tribute to everyone, apart from a handful, who genuinely and with integrity, work for and volunteer to help those in dire need of OXFAM and other charities, to bring relief and hope to human beings across the world who find themselves in unimaginable horrendous situations. Recent revelations are sickening and needed to be aired but the plights of devastating disasters continue to need our charities and donations. Please continue ‘giving’ in any way you can.

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