Illustrated by Lizzie Owen

Signs of Spring are definitely making an appearance and offering hope for what’s about to come, it’s still very cold and Winter is certainly still here.

There is no doubt January has been quiet, so, like a February Fairy Godmother, I’m waving my magic wand for you and introducing my earth angel Carmela. She offers Reiki and helps chat through anything that may be playing on my mind.

For this month, I asked Carmela for her guidance to laying foundations for the year ahead. She says, ‘nothing in nature blooms all year, yet we rarely give ourselves that same grace. Winter time is raw, it’s exposing, it’s a time to build our foundations in preparation for the seasons ahead. Yet we often keep pushing ourselves to feel differently, berating ourselves for not being more, for not doing more….it’s exhausting and disconnecting. Being kind to ourselves, allowing ourselves some grace, to rest, to reset…to move with the natural rhythms.

Taking this time to establish foundation practises such as mindful meditation and breathing techniques which help to turn down the volume of mind chatter and create space and capacity for growth x’

Visit her website and listen to her free relaxing meditations, she has such a calming voice, I have no doubt our minds will be instantly soothed just listening to her x


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