Illustration by Lizzie Owen
Illustration by Lizzie Owen

There will be a few miffed Marlow gals out there when I mention this, as I’m about to give away an incredible Little Black Book secret – one that even the beauty girls at Vogue would rather hold close to their hearts!

I’m one of a few VERY lucky beauty addicts who is treated by the talented Steph Francis from Marlow Facial Reflexology – not only does she use Root & Flower’s natural oils for various parts of the face, not only does she send you off to a blissful sleep, but on waking, there is a defined, smoother more youthful tone to the skin – without wrinkles or lines. One of my friends who is treated regularly is in her fifties, and she looks nothing near that age! Steph profile

Clearly I love having this done to me, but I have no idea why, so I’ll let Steph explain:

‘Facial Reflexology’s bespoke approach and effectiveness is found in its ability to encourage the individual’s natural healing processes, to help maintain the health and balance of the whole body.’

‘Facial massage techniques and precise stimulation of reflex points, nerve points and zones on the face and scalp, stimulate the brain, using the nervous system to send impulses directly to affect corresponding organs and glands with the body. Thus helping to bring the body’s ‘Chi’ back into alignment. Relaxing facial muscles causes a ‘BOTOX’ effect. Deep sculpting massage and contouring techniques are used to lift facial muscles, creating a natural face-lift, ‘inner-balance’ with ‘outer-radiance’


As mentioned, she loves to use Root & Flower’s products – I seriously have my eye (excuse the pun), on the Eyebright and Chamomile Eye Contour Cream, which she uses to rid dark circles and brighten eyes.2018-01-30-PHOTO-00000039

She also uses the Rose & Yarrow Facial Serum, which soaks further into the dermis than traditional creams, for radiance and tone.

Steph ensures she only uses the highest quality products, alongside her techniques and typically charges £60 per hour. Have a little chat with her on Facebook or Instagram to find out more, she’s absolutely lovely.

You’re welcome x


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