A few years ago, my friend Rachel Whitehead offered Emotional Freedom Technique during a phase of horrid anxiety I was suffering – sometimes trying to work out anxiety can be as daunting as going through it, and with Rachel’s loving concern saw her guide me through an uncomfortable place that I had to visit and re-live, and then helped me accept and take control of the emotion. It uses a technique called ‘Tapping’, and it works with breath work, and I use it during stressful times – it helps take off the edge.

image by Mel Matthews Design
image by Mel Matthews Design

She was the perfect person to ask for my January book of healers, and thought I’d ask her how her EFT therapy benefits you the reader, after a pressured 2017 and the tail end of December indulgence, clearing mind, body and soul – and she wrote the most beautiful piece as follows…

‘Peace: What is peace and what does it mean to you?  When was the last time you  experienced it? Certainly, we wish it for others, and in today’s fast moving world we actively seek it for ourselves.  But, where does peace exist?

For so many, peace is seen as being outside of us.  How many times have we thought,  ‘I will find peace when I lose weight’. ‘I will find peace when my house is tidy’ or ‘when I get the job I wish for’?

Rumi says ‘we hunt around looking for a diamond necklace that’s already around our neck’. 

Peace is something we are born with.   A blank landscape that is our consciousness.  It’s omnipresent.  It never goes anywhere, it just is.  It has known us, and we have known it, for longer than we have known anyone or anything else. But how do we access it?

Finding peace takes investment, not necessarily financial, but with the most abundant return.  The path to finding your peace starts with some deep breaths, and the knowing that the power is yours.  You can step out of the anger, judgement, guilt, sorrow, sadness, regret and disappointment at any given moment, and find stillness, silence and ultimately, peace.  It is there, it always has been.  You just need to know where to look.’

Rachel offers EFT Therapy mainly for stress/anxiety/panic disorder, combined with an alchemy of other energy based treatments and exercises; Reiki, Emotion Code and work based around the body. She is also an Aqua Stretch Instructor, and works with people with fear/phobias around water.

She’s also a fantastic person just to have a chat with, seriously, the world is SUCH a better place after a cup of tea with her.




  1. My 13 year old daughter suffers with anxiety, which thankfully she seems to be much more in control of compared to this time last year. I have known Rachel for 19 years, I met her through my boyfriend, now husband. She has such a calming, beautiful ora about her. I need to catch up with her about my daughter.

  2. I loat my dad in September and was struggling to come to terms with it. Also I was the one that found him as that image haunted me, so much so that I would stop myself thinking about him. I was scared I would forget him and i wanted to have nice images in my head rather than that final horrible one of him. Wow Rachel really helped me and now when I think of dad, I have a lovely picture in my head. She’s fantastic

    1. I think when you suffer trauma like this, you need someone to help support this kind of suffering, and EFT really gets to the core sometimes. I hope you remember the love and happy memories of your father – it’s hard losing a parent and can totally empathise with you xx

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