There are no words to describe the afterglow and relief of a deep, heart opening, detoxifying yoga practice. After such a long period of indulgence and hibernation, it feels like a slow awakening, and a kinder form of indulgence that nourishes the body.I attend a vinyasa flow class offered by Sarah Carter, who prepares her room at St Katharine’s of Parmoor in Frieth, with blissful scents of cleansing joss-sticks, to help create a warm atmosphere for her tribe of yogis, new and experienced.

Twists and hip openers, fired with core work through her flows, help bring back balance and a sweet blissful glow.

I asked her for her January intentions, which she responded, “My top Yogic Wellness tips for 2018, are breathwork focus and a greatful heart. And of course a weekly practice of slow vinyasa yoga…”

Such wise words, as I forget to focus on breathing, and find myself worrying about nothing…it only takes a few slow inhales and exhales to put my anxieties right and to ground me.

I’d love to hear your tips on your January wellness intentions…

Namasté x

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Illustration by Lizzie Owen


  1. My intention for this coming week is to walk outdoors for at least a mile a day. January has felt so sluggish so far….perhaps I need to schedule some yoga too?!

    1. Yes Helen, well done – do something gentle for Jan – it’s deep winter, and we should really be hibernating, so take things slowly and enjoy every moment. Don’t do anything that makes you feel like it’s painful or too much effort…leave that for Spring!! Well done for getting out though, we all need to escape our caves every now and then x

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