wild orange doTERRA oil 15ml £10 - image by Lizzie Owen

For those suffering or finally emerging from some sort of horrid, buggy illnesses that have  knocked so many sideways during the Christmas holidays – I’m hearing horror stories of endured Christmas days filled with fever, cracked ribs from coughing so much and just general nasties that lurk for far too long at this time of year, (I’ve been cancelled on a few times…that or they just don’t like me!)… While we heal, it’s a great idea to find some sort of support to help, so thought I’d share some advice from my lovely holistic friends for us all to benefit during January, the month of active-wear and incessant juicing…until Feb of course!

So seeing that everso cheery day is fast approaching (aka Blue Monday, 15th Jan in case you’re wondering!), meet my buddy and therapist Claire Cogan. She introduced me to the amazing doTerra essential oils in November to help me overcome anxiety, and they work. I took Wild Orange, mainly to help lift my mood, increase my confidence and raise my energy levels. Needless to say, I’m a convert.

I asked Clare which top 3 oils she could recommend for us all at this time of year – she normally loves a consultation with you first to find out where you are emotionally, and creates a bespoke solution for what you need personally. But to keep things generic, she gave me…


Amazing for its uplifting aroma, (see above comment and image) – perfect for supporting the immune system. Just dab a drop into the hands, rub them together and inhale deeply from the palms.

peppermint doTERRA oil 15ml £18.67 - image by Lizzie Owen
peppermint doTERRA oil 15ml £18.67 – image by Lizzie Owen


Peppermint is a divine aroma that helps us remember our breath, grounding us, which ultimately clears the head from all the unneccessary ‘mind-chatter’ suffered when we return back to our January routines. We all know peppermint helps the digestive system, and is great for tackling the post mince-pie marathon and ALL the cheese consumed during our indulgent festivities! Finally, it repels bugs – what’s not to love about a pure oil from such a simple herb.

lemon doTERRA oil 15ml £10.33 - image by Lizzie Owen
lemon doTERRA oil 15ml £10.33 – image by Lizzie Owen


Hot lemon and water first thing in the morning literally brings me back to life – I can feel my body rehydrating and cleansing immediately – same can be said for zingy lemon oil, after inhaling its citrus aroma, you can’t help but feel uplifted and energised – appropriate really, considering the anticlimax from toxifying the body and bingeing on box sets throughout December!

Clare uses doTERRA because in her own words, “I have discovered a natural, easy way to support my physical and emotional health and also support my family and clients. In building my confidence using these oils, I am also helping my children to understand how they can support themselves emotionally and physically too, and I want others to do the same.”

Clare has a lovely supportive Facebook Group, and she holds free classes to educate those who would like to know more about the benefits of doTERRA oils, (it’s awesome just walking into her studio, as the aromas hit and immediately lift the spirits). Visit her website http://www.clarecogan.com or give her a quick call to book an appointment – 07843 055587

If you have an oil that lifts your spirits, please do leave a comment and let us know, I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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