OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello and thank you for coming back! It’s been a while!!

I think the last time I blogged was way too long to even consider me a normal blogger … because … you know … proper bloggers post all the time and talk about lots of amazing stuff, and feature incredible food / shoes / fashion / interiors / books / beauty / doors / lifestyle-tips / etc – edited to impeccable perfection, flat-laying like life depended on a carefully placed succulent/eucalyptus branch –Β  I do this every time, (not perfectly though), which reminds me, I must feed those poor plants!

3 months ago, I was at a point where I’d taken some time out from a lovely little business I’d started with my pal Mel – we became massively busy a year ago, however, I’d become very sad after my Dad died in 2015. Grief seemed to hit later, and at a time when Mel and myself were hugely busy with so many incredible creative projects for some awesome brands. I flipped and turned my back on our business, because coping with grief and a very busy business was just too much for my head at that time. Mel supported me by taking our journey on her own, we were both sadly disappointed with this direction, especially after some incredible support from Fiona Humberstone, who showed us our potential and guided us to be future stars together. I decided then to take a back seat, cut back on work and focus on my family more.

I’ve been here before…I’ve moved away from huge potential because something sad happened to me…fear mainly! And there have been only a few times where I’ve taken the bull by the horns and realised my potential, and when I have, I’ve been really great at whatever that has been. Which begs the question, ‘I wonder what I could have been if I’d stuck out the fear for just that little bit longer’!?

3 months ago, an email landed into my inbox via Linkedin from a lovely girl called Helen, she asked ‘Please forgive the cold approach’…etc – I check my inbox rarely, so it took a while to respond – I also didn’t need to work, as I had a few things on at the time. BUT…I was lonely, freelancing is a lonely old world, and I was pining to physically be with a team, somewhere creative, with lovely creative people…et VOILA…one of the UK’s largest Fine Art businesses answered my wishes!

So here I am, working for Clarendon Fine Art Β poor things – with two others who are right down my Strasse, (basically they too own a silly sense of humour and are hugely glam, so I’m in luck), I’m surrounded by Art, dealing with Art lovers, talking to people about Art, encouraging those who don’t understand Art to blummin love it, AND becoming friends with some famous artists…I mean…could it BE more perfect! Well actually, yes…it’s round the corner from my children’s schools, on my doorstep, and I literally see half of my Facebook and best buddies passing the front door every day, (I have to hold myself back from shouting across the high street in a ‘fish-wife’ like manner most days and remind myself I work for a luxury art company). I think my new colleagues have now realised I’m a bit of a social bunny and love a chat, and am a little involved with the local Marlow community!

So if you do find yourself walking down Marlow High Street soon, and fancy viewing a few gorgeous works of art, (as I write this, there’s an ORIGINAL Jack Vettriano on show…plus you HAVE to be introduced to the awesome Vincent Kamp), I’m there 5 days a week, mostly found chatting to clients, organising events, (pop in for a glass of fizz for our event for famous animal artistΒ Debbie Boon this Saturday 23rd September between 1-3pm btw!) and living the life of a dealer! I’ll put the kettle on for Tea & Art if you fancy a catch-up soon, do let me know when…

Love from your Art Dealer Lizzie xxx

Illustration by Lizzie Owen


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