Pub in the Park

Back in October 2016, I was blessed with an invite to be part of a focus group for a couple of things happening here in Marlow. Little did I know it was for Mr Tom Kerridge, the man we all know as the Great British Menu Michelin Starred Chef, founder of The Hand & Flowers, The Coach and a whole multitude of foodie fabulousness.

The focus collective gathered at Tom’s latest venture The Shed over possibly the most incredible nibbles provided by Tom and his team, to discuss two events, (something called The Pop-up Picturehouse that happened back in December, which was brilliant fun, and this weekend’s amazing event, Pub in the Park), for our thoughts, local insights and what we thought Marlow might love or loathe – little did we realise that the collective were also picked for their ability to spread the word to a couple of people. And I say this in the kindest and most humorous way – as creator of both events, Chris Hughes of Brand Events said, “we brought together Marlow’s biggest gossips and told them not to tell anyone”! Ehem…turns out it was true, as tickets sold out for both events within minutes and there was a whole host of online tantrums as a result!

File 21-05-2017, 22 03 19

So this post is an ode to the teams who tirelessly created with massive attention to detail, (Tom and his team were literally up until 4am on Saturday morning trying to make sure they had enough beef for the Hand & Flowers Shin of Beef with Sweet Parsnip Puree – it ran out on the Friday), and their ability to pull together the most awesome of food festivals the UK has ever seen. This was Pub in the Park’s first time, so we had the pleasure of watching Tom Odell, the Brand New Heavies, James Morrison and Sophie Ellis Bexter turn up to an event that they had never heard of before – turns out it was just so much fun!

Actually, I can hear VERY loud music blaring down at Higginson Park as I write this post, and I know there will be a few exhausted people down there making the final minutes as great as they did on Friday when it opened – including the staff at the very end wishing us well and hoping we had a lovely time…I know that we and all our friends SO had a lovely time, thank you xxx

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