I’m about to admit something that has literally been playing on my mind for years now, and it’s an incredibly sensitive subject. It’s one of those ‘oh-blimey-who-am-I-going-to-offend’ kind of admissions – so here goes, and if I do offend, I apologise now, but this is literally my story and one I hope will resonate in a good way.


There, I said it! But when I say this, I don’t mean I’m returning home after dropping the girls off to school during the week, daily cracking open the nearest bottle of Pinot, I’ve never had that sort of relationship with alcohol. What I’m saying is, I get to Friday, and I’m literally chomping at the bit for a drink.

But that’s it, I’m chomping at the bit…and then I can’t stop once that naughty little Alcohol Monkey has taken grasp, and I’m a bottle or more down. Years have taken their toll mentally and I literally can’t handle hangovers any more. The very next day my mind becomes some paranoid voice, letting me know how much the world can’t stand me, and then the anxiety kicks in and takes me on a whole other course of awful thoughts, and that’s on top of the hideous toxic headaches and lethargy – it’s not good…


There, I said that too! I’d love to say, ‘oh you know, I’m just going to cut it down, and only have one on special occassions’…but I can’t do that, I’ve tried and massively failed. Once I have the ‘one’…that’s it, Mr Alcohol Monkey comes back for a visit and whispers in my ear how much fun it is to drink another and then another! It’s going to be super hard – who doesn’t love to have a cool glass of white wine from a lovely region, whilst sitting in the sun somewhere beautiful to relax – it’s the ultimate Summertime activity!

I now prefer clarity and will do anything to reduce my snappy moods with my family alongside avoiding the hideous mental side effects – I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m being an utter purist who’s preaching here, as I mentioned before, this is my story and one I hope will resonate positively. I certainly don’t expect anyone pussy footing around me because others are having a drink in front of me – I’d hate that.

Anyway, CHEERS to this, who knows where this little journey may take me!

7 thoughts on “CLEAR DRINKING…

  1. I hardly drink at all now due to migraines. It is a complete bore, but you know what, there are some BRILLIANT non alcoholic beers out there and I buy Copella apple and elderflower juice. To my unsophisticated palette, it tastes exactly like wine. I am sure it won’t fool your palette Lizzie, but I have a glass every night (in a wine glass – very important) and it gives me the same ‘aah’ moment that wine gives normal people.

    1. Thank you lovely, I do wonder if going public about it has put a bit of pressure on the situation, but at least it will always remind me why I don’t want to do it anymore …and thank you for supporting xxxx

  2. With you all the way, my Darling Girl. So proud of you. Mummyinmanolosmummy! ❀️❀️❀️

  3. Well done you. I practically stopped drinking after daughterling no. 2. It just stopped agreeing with me. The reaction of others has been mixed. Good friends don’t care or notice – they want your company, not someone to get pissed with. they also appreciate the designated non-drinking driver. Not so good friends can judge and put you down and try and persuade you to join in.

    One “friend” actually told me that my not drinking meant I was looking down on her and others in the group giving them ‘looks of disapproval’ for them starting on the vino at lunch. To be honest I didn’t care what they were drinking in the slightest. What I was probably thinking was ‘do they know this is my 6th coke of the day?’ probably doing more damage than the wine would have. Needless to say this particular person is no longer in my life – toxic people can FO.

    I think it will be hard to start with but once you’re in the flow you’ll feel amazing and your weekends will become so much longer. find something else to replace it with so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Well done. xxx

  4. Just listened to you on The Higher Vibration show Lizzie with Lou and wow. When we first met at the reiki retreat I know our soul’s were a mirror and the programme just confirmed it. Listening to your story was like listening to my own journey. A dance with addiction, mental health and alcohol. The ebb and flow. I too feel like I am just pulling myself out of a black fog after loosing my mum and my dad. It nearly took everything else from me too but through yoga, walking, healthy eating and detoxing I can feel myself coming back from the edge. Really inspired by your thought about making sobriety glamorous …’straight edge’ as I have also heard it called, has never been cooler. Thank god as I leave tomorrow for a yoga detox retreat for a week. I’ll meet you in the mocktails bar anytime and we will be smiling from the inside without the foggy haze! Love you Lizzie.

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