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Life Coaching Illustration by Lizzie Owen
Illustration by Lizzie Owen

Life Coaching being one…it’s something that has never really appealed to me; I know right, such a cynic, but with so much advice and life quotes out there on good ol Pinterest and the rest of the t’internet, who needs a Life Coach. Well me by the looks of things! I didn’t go looking for one though, she was recommended by one of my Marlow Angels, who said her friend Julie Greatwood needed a candidate to use as a guinea pig for her Life Coaching course – so off I trotted willingly,  offering myself up for experimentation at one of our many lovely local coffee houses.

I was asked general questions of how I’d mark important parts of my life out of 10 – profession came pretty much the lowest out of the lot, as I’d say I have everything else pretty much nailed…not really…that’s a lie, but the career was my biggest bugbear!

It has to be said, once you actually start to focus on the one part of your life you’d most like to change, and I mean REALLY focus on that one thing you really want to nail, with certain processes a Life Coach can keep tabs on, it happens…it actually happens.

I’m not going to give too much of Julie’s processes away, however, the enlightening moment had to be every time I went to see her, something incredible would happen pretty much the next day, or straight after. Every time I listed out what I wanted to achieve…it was achieved. Each week I’d see her, I was ever closer to the golden goal! I’m now at a point, where I’m about to embark on something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to achieve, but never thought possible. So send positive thoughts this way please lovely reader, as I’d love to let you in on what I’m working towards.

All I can say, is if you ever need that big arrow to point you in the right direction called ‘Life’, Coaching is by far the best process to do this, as actually, only you know deep down what you’re meant to be doing, what will make you happy and what’s REALLY calling you – even if you THINK you don’t, you do -it’s always been in you.

If you fancy having a chat with Julie, please email her – – or visit

Illustration by me by the way – someone I met recently didn’t realise I drew them, but yes, I’m an illustrator, I keep forgetting to sign them! Today I’ve illustrated a coat I bought from Zara, an imaginary stripey top because they’re everywhere, and a pair of Custom Made Official Jeans from xxx


  1. Love it. I’ve had a few coaches (a business one recently to help focus me on launching a new project) and I have to say it’s immense. Accountability is such a driving force.
    I love it that you ‘fell’ into it. I did something similar for a friend’s friend. She was doing a ‘what’s your why?’ coaching and needed guinea pigs. I did it thinking I knew exactly what my life’s purpose was and it turned out to be something completely different. It changed the course of my life – in one session!

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