img_5176-1For years I’ve been doing the Bootcamp thing – it used to be SO tough, but you know what, it’s now a habit. Josh Woods is our Bootcamp Boy, (or some days we like to call him a B******D)! he has something called Awaken Your Fitness, now an online body transformational fitness programme, which has also become a habit. I’m more likely to feel motivated to run or do yoga after I’ve dropped the girls off to school – not sure why I didn’t do this in my 30’s! But then I had two small people who rarely slept…yeah…that’s probably why!

File 15-03-2017, 18 53 54

We’re a dedicated bunch of Bootcampers, and we’d much rather be outside in the freezing cold than a sweaty gym class – we do this most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – clearly we have some fantastic excuses when it’s freezing AND raining, but apart from that, we’re mostly there at 6.30am beating the crap out of each other, or just generally moaning about how many burpees we’re told to do! We love it really…no really…we do!!

File 15-03-2017, 18 56 05

I know it seems like a long journey to find the motivation to be fit again, but it literally is taking each day at a time, adding some form of exercise in that day is better than nothing at all – for me, it’s not about losing weight, but being able to do more and having more motivation to tackle everything with the same vigour and avoiding illnesses where possible. But yes, if you’re wondering, I have lost weight, and my body has changed!

Subscribe to Josh’s Youtube Channel or visit Awaken Your Fitness – Just subscribe to the email thingy, and Josh will add you to the secret Facebook site!

Illustration drawn by my own fair hands…which I’ve noticed are very dry…hand cream recommendations welcome!!

2 thoughts on “BOOTCAMP…BRING IT ON!

  1. Just wanted to add a second opinion about Awaken Your Fitness. As a busy, lone-parenting, Mama of two it’s been bloody brilliant for me. I look better than I have in years, but importantly, I feel a lot bloody better too. It’s such a good programme. Still wish I was closer for the botocamp sessions too!! xx

    1. Oh that would be so incredible if you could do a session….poor Josh wouldn’t be able to cope if we both actually. did this all the time together ..he has enough trouble with the camaraderie already 😂

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