Hello again…apologies, I’m a little late with this post, as I’ve been a bit quiet over the last week to recover, (in a good way) from a powerful weekend retreat – it took me to such a high vibration, it’s taken a good week to come down!


You know I love Sarah Carter, my uber yogi guru – I’m a bit SWF (Single White Female), around her and can become a little passionate about her practices. That’s because she’s taken me on such an enormous spiritual journey for me, and made me see life so much further than consumerism and trying to be the perfect mama / wife / PR / Creative / human being!

Every year Sarah organises her yoga weekend escape with Inner Guidance, a fabulous retreat in Lavenham, set in beautiful Suffolk countryside. This is where we bring our burnt out souls for healing – all day yoga, meditation, clean vegan eating, gong baths and chanting – this is absolutely my idea of heaven, but as a friend pointed out to me the other day, I’m like Eddie from Ab Fab – that PR looking for meaning within the sometimes vacuous world of media!! (SweedieDarling)! All I know is I feel incredible afterwards and become a slightly better person…which is surely a good thing.


It’s a different kind of living, and it’s great to dip into sometimes – waking up to hot Shamanically Blessed Raw Ceremonial Grade Guatemalan Cacao with almond milk (I know right), fabulous stuff and sets you onto another plain during meditation, Inner Guidance are the main distributors of the cacao in the UK – Ed’s face is a picture when I bring the stuff home…it really does look like a huge block of resin!

It’s not for everyone, but for those looking to deepen their minds, hearts and souls, and become a little more flexible, this place just about ticks all the holistic boxes.



    1. Hi Harv, in this months OM Yoga Magazine, there’s an article about this being the Year for the men to start joining in…which is fab news. Will check out your post πŸ™πŸ‘

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