Back again to that familiar madness that is London Fashion Week. Not sure why, but I NEVER learn to maybe wear comfortable footwear whilst dashing across town to all sorts of venues. I’m always convinced it’ll be ok to wear heels from 7am until 1.30am (ouch)!

I love people watching at LFW, London never fails to attract the most creative street style, its like one big party full of people who love to dress in crazy creations, you know, just because! And the crazier, the better; I forget London is such an incredible city full of beautiful diversity, proudly showing their personality on the outside without fear, I think that’s why I’m just a little addicted to British Fashion, because I admire rather than roll my eyes to the heavens when I see super stylish/crazy fashion folk.


I always help the master of LFW Production & PR, aka Mr Antony Waller, who I met back in my Laura Ashley days via a People Tree Collaboration – it was the last thing I did there, and I’m so pleased we have taken our friendship onto other fashion journeys. He’s brilliant at launching a show, and one of the loveliest people I know. It’s insane how hard this boy works and delivers such incredible shows throughout London Fashion Week’s gruelling schedule! I set to help with Judy Wu, Minki, Ekaterina Kukhareva and PPQ – all of whom showed stunning creations – especially coveting Judy Wu’s floor length dresses in beautiful brights.


The above montage includes my hubby Ed – poor boy, I do drag him along to a world that is so far away from his own, it’s all rather amusing though, and my niece Daniela, (did I mention she won The Great Interior Design Challenge!) The main highlight though had to be Bora Aksu’s show, see featured image. Inspired by the history of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, Queen Victoria’s goddaughter and a lesser known suffragette who fought for the women’s vote alongside Emmeline Pankhurst. I knew I was in for a political treat from his invite, featuring his distinctive illustrations of girls marching “peace” and “freedom” signs, bringing a romanticised vision of the feminist movement of the past into its present.

There seemed to be quite a few political statements with this season’s fashion, namely a female revolution…and you know how fashion has a habit of making these things come true throughout all aspects of life…hold onto your hats boys 😉


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