I have a bit of a guilty indulgence every 4 weeks, and it causes all manner of disputes from the other half, who also indulges in a similar activity with the same person. And for those with filthy minds, let me let you down slightly and admit this is about my soul hair mate. After moving from Battersea, I found Ollie Adkins of Abstract Hairdressing in Beaconsfield. The passion, and creativity this boy has for hair is beyond anything I have ever experienced in my hairstyle life. This is far from a dreary Saturday discussing where I’m going for my holidays while scanning well thumbed chat magazines. No…I enter a world of trends, colours, cuts, head massages and philosophical chats about child rearing, yoga, travelling, architecture and food (randomly, he’s a really well-known food instagrammer – @ollie_eats should you fancy gandering his gastro delights).


I absolutely trust him, and can’t fault any creation he decides will suit me. For example, I had really really long hair for AGES – he gave me a Balayage for the summer, it really dried the ends eventually. I also felt that at the age of 45, it was finally time to say ta taa to long tresses.


So this is me now, with a much shorter do! I love it, he’s amazing, and I always walk out of Abstract feeling awesome. He also works on my hubby’s hair, and once Ollie sheers him, I’ll instagram a pic for you. Ollie’s official instagram for hair is @styledbyollie.

The above post is definitely not sponsored (I wish), I paid for the privilege, I really really do love this place and personally recommend Ollie – also, ask Mike to wash your hair as a) he makes awesome coffee and b) you might just go into a blissful state with one of his head massages!

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