It’s no secret I love yoga – awesome yoga teachers you just click with are usually hard to find, but  I found the ‘one’ about 3 years ago – she has taken me on an incredible journey and I can now do poses I never thought possible. Yoga has changed the shape of my body, lifting my core and helping me to find a way to ease back twinges and stretch properly after a run.

My ‘go-to’ yoga gal in Marlow, UK is Sarah Carter – she lights up a room with her smile and immediately puts you at ease with her soft voice, guiding into a pose as comfortably as possible, no matter what level we’re at. Her taste in music helps, as there are only cool, Ibiza worthy tunes on tap during her classes, along with the waft of burning incense and the sensational massages she offers during Shivasana with China Gel.

It’s not easy – but the feeling after is something else, and as near to bliss as humanly possible, floating out of the room feeling a little high, I always leave with a smile, or a more positive outlook on life.

You can find the lovely Sarah on Instagram @sarahcarteryoga or visit



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