I’ve never been one for choosing an in-store stylist – personal shopping assistant, or whatever you want to call them, because I’ve always felt my own style spoke for itself and I know what I like/need/want.

But, then when you find that little independent gem in a place near to home, housing just about every label you love, it’s hard not to build a rapport with the owner and start trusting the personable emails and texts, especially when gently nudged that I might like something that has just landed in store!

This has been the case for me for 8 years – I love supporting my local fashion boutique Plume, because Gemma the owner has such a talent for buying only the most gorgeous pieces, sticks to her convictions and doesn’t try to please too many audiences at the cost of her branding.

So when she mentioned she was going to try something new, and then I saw a rental sign outside her extremely convenient shop (slap bang next door to my fave coffee shop AND Waitrose…oh and the health shop, florist, etc!!), it has to be said, I was a little worried.

I need not have worried though, as Gemma is merely taking a different direction – que Plume’s Private Shopping, which will shortly be based very much in Central Marlow, (The Old Barrel Store, Drayman’s Lane (cobbled courtyard behind Jack Wills for you Marlow Locals out there), High Street, Marlow SL7 2FF – Tel. 08450 038950.

As Gemma says in her own words, ‘this is an incredibly exciting time for Plume, as it means a more personable experience, still stocking all the favourite brands our customers have enjoyed over the years and adding that little extra with free styling advice and personal shopping services’. This to me, sounds ideal – mainly saving me time and Gemma knowing EXACTLY what I love, so none of this traipsing through rail after rail of cheaply made pieces, but investing in more of a classic, lasting style that I trust from the style guru herself.

If the store is a little out of your way, and you’re wondering what the heck I’m going on about, please click here for a wee nosey – – more stock will be landing soon, and her official showroom opening is 1st February folks – from there on in, Plume will be open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 11am until 5pm, and by appointment on Monday’s or Saturdays – there is no obligation to purchase when you visit.

Oh, and if that wasn’t personable enough, Gemma is also offering a rather handy Plume Home Trunk Delivery – so if you book this service, a trunk full of tailor-made selection of fashion, footwear and accessories will be delivered right up to your door, (15 Mile Radius from Marlow) – far more fun than the usual Ocado delivery right?! Again, no obligation to purchase but I think you may be tempted..!

So if this tickles your fashion fancy, let Gemma know you’d like to pop in, she can be contacted on 08450 038950 or email her – she’ll put the kettle on for your visit x

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