Did I mention I’m a Reiki Master? I know right…not the sort of thing you’d expect for one so obsessed with shoes and other forms of shallow consumerism! But here I am, using this blissful form of relaxing therapy as treatments for those looking to heal and relax.

Bare with as I attempt to explain as best I can. Using emotional and physical symbols given to me by my Reiki Master, I tap into our Universal Energy, focusing on healing emotionally and physically using positive intention – there…I know, it probably seems a little strange to some, but believe me, lying in a deep, blissful state with beautiful sounds and scents surrounding you, it’s hard not to enjoy, and easy to accept.


I have a gorgeous little client at the moment, Lilly, who has been such a star and seems to be improving – she is suffering with a knee problem (floating bone), and has had to use crutches for school, (until recently thankfully), this is a huge shame, as she’s such a talented and incredible gymnast. She’s only 11 and her mum wants to avoid surgery where possible. I’m not saying Reiki is the answer, but it’s definitely a focus for her healing journey – she meditates on her knee and visualises it getting better, at the same time she completely relaxes into a blissful state, which is something I’ve noticed happen to most I practise on.

The other thing I find are the visions, (no don’t go…) – again, this may seem a little unusual, but I’ll sometimes witness snapshots of symbols, animals or colours – this is when the magic comes through, and I know something is definitely happening. I once felt an electric shock in my hand as I placed it over another client’s head – it was only afterwards I realised this was probably because she’d had a recent epileptic seizure.

Funnily enough, we all have the ability to do this, it’s just some of us are a bit more open to the experience than others, which is fine – I love to offer Reiki and gain as much out of it as the receiver, it’s a pure form of bliss and well worth trying, especially to rid some of our Winter blues.


2 thoughts on “HEALING HANDS

    1. Ahhh, hello Peggy, so lovely to hear from you…there is a healer in every town, and it’s such an amazing and relaxing form of therapy. Thank you for your kind words about the blog, she’s coming together again, and here’s hoping another journey awaits ❤️

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