10 years wed…

Wedding day

I’ll try not to be too mush here, but I can’t help but feel so incredibly lucky – the last 10 years of our marriage have been amazing and I can only see it gaining more and more strength as each year flies by. So I’ll try to keep brief and list the 10  things I cherish the most about my hubby on our anniversary day…

1) We both have two beautiful little girls together

2) So kind with such a big heart

3) Fun even on the quietest of nights

4) I love sharing my life with him

5) Both trying to stick to the ‘Spreadsheet of Doom’ trying not to let it stress us out too much

6) Knowing I am totally with my soul mate

7) Catching myself just staring at him….he’s so handsome!

8) The love and patience he has for me and the girls

9) His clever and very quick sense of humour…not always in my favour, but funny all the same

10) Silly….he’s very very silly and this is so incredibly important!

Pear Tree

My Babies


Happy Anniversary darling, here’s to another 100!!

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