Bucks Open Studios

Nicola Metcalf Print

Since living here in Buckinghamshire, I have noticed these little yellow signs stating something called ‘Bucks Open Studios’ outside people’s houses during June – never gave them a second thought until my friend and fellow blogger Caroline Davis (of the Trend Daily Blog) mentioned to me she was visiting, and I just invited myself along! I’m so pleased with my tenacity, and found some amazing gems on my very own doorstep. My fave being Nicola Metcalf, based in Marlow Bottom, her beautifully bright illustrations are renown and sold in John Lewis – I want her to do cushions! Needless to say, I snapped up a couple of her beautiful prints of Marlow.

Heidi Kuivaniemi-Smith artist

Another intriguing artist , Heidi Kuivaniemi-Smith uses pastels for her portraits and creates Forensic Art – Heidi portraits were featured on a viral campaign led by Dove Real Beauty Sketches which was featured on ITN news recently due to how we see ourselves – it’s fascinating. The picture above is Heidi’s father – just stunning.

Nathalie Bibby artist

If you’re in Buckinghamshire this weekend, please take advantage of this fantastic event – it finishes this Sunday, so well worth popping into an artist’s actual studio and speak to them direct…Nicola had cake by the way…and Heidi has chocolates…just saying!

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