Frozen love

Frozen Illustration

The last Half Term we had a few weeks ago, (seems a lifetime now), a lovely little group of us were invited by Team Disney to a private screening of Frozen’s sing-a-long version of the film – if I’d said ‘no’ to this, my life probably wouldn’t be worth living – my girls have become Anna and Elsa since it’s launch at the cinemas!! They don’t just love Frozen…they actually LIVE it – they know the songs, actions, dresses, characters…daily..!

Frozen Screening

And I’m not afraid to raise my hand and admit I absolutely love this film too, there’s a fantastic message in there and it has that musical magic about it – It’s West End Stage worthy for sure. So the biggest treat of all from our day, (apart from the endless cupcakes at Soho Hotel) was a Q&A session after the screening with Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, who were still on a BAFTA high from the night before and holding their fab award. Such lovely people who explained the inspiration behind the film (Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen), and where Olaf’s Summer Song came from (Jennifer Lee’s twisted sense of humour apparently….it’s our favourite song). My girls and I bailed from asking any questions (nerves….it runs in the family), but it was an honour to meet them, say hello and congratulate them in person.


So guess which character my eldest dressed for Book Day….and made mummy create a dress for her because anything to do with Elsa was completely sold out at the time, including outfits….and then mummy went a little overboard with the whole thing, and spent a fortune in the haberdashers….I blame fashion college! But here’s my little Snow Queen…to say she was a bit excited about this would be an understatement!!

Ice Queen Outfit

I’ve also illustrated my version of Elsa for my title image….watch this space for more news regarding the whole illustration thing – it’s coming along…if a little slowly…!

Frozen Blu-ray  (3)

If you fancy ordering the DVD, click here (I’ve put an order in for mine, which I paid for before we went to see the film) – I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about the film, for example, you can’t wear mascara because it makes you cry so much…not that I did….especially at the ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’ song…ehem…!! Disney does it again, but I love them for it :)….

7 thoughts on “Frozen love

  1. And yes its absolutely magical…..couldnt agree more!
    We went to see Disney on Ice in Singapore yest and there was great disappiontment that Frozen werent in it…..what? No Elsa princess?! How can this be? Woops bad timing for Disney on Ice! Dont worry good Rapunzel pulled us through:)

  2. Everything from Elsa is still out of stock! My girl wants the “real” Elsa dress, with a looooooong rag!

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