sunday smiles

smiling illustration

It’s been one of those months again, full to the brim with work, half term, parties and appointments – life is speeding past at the rate of knots and I’m trying my hardest to take it all in. It’s especially alarming to see my little girls grow so quickly and this is the part I’m desperately trying to hold onto and take notice of the most.

My illustration today is about smiling and looking at life with as much happiness in my heart as possible. I am so blessed and grateful for everything and everyone in my life at the moment and hope that the splatty and slightly wonky illustration above will raise a smile for whoever reads this post – have a smiley sunday and rest of the week folks…x

7 thoughts on “sunday smiles

  1. Totally gorgeous! You ve def put a smile on my face:)
    You’re so right, so important to keep reflecting and appreciating how lucky we are xx

    1. Jo Jo!! *Waves all the way over to Malaysia* – I’m trying some meditation at the moment, I’m hoping this will slow things down a bit – 10 mins for 10 days (I’m using the Headspace App). It seriously helps to to put things into perspective and personally makes me feel very lucky to be alive – miss you xx

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