a crazy week of angels…

EFT IMAGEIf I could round this week up into one word, it would have to be just ‘AWESOME’…crazy awesome in fact. I need to download the sights and emotions here on my blog, as I still can’t quite compute how much has happened in just seven days! I’m not going to go into massive detail for each event, as every one of them is a blog post in itself- for now I’ll try to give you a snapshot of the main things I feel have changed/improved/filled my life….


EFT, Tapping and a spot of Reiki

I’ve been feeling a bit low of late for a variety of reasons, and it all came to a head last Friday, so my friend/gatemate/angel Rachel (that’s a link to her Twitter account by the way, don’t worry, I’ll teach her how to use it!!), asked me to book an appointment to try some tapping to help ground me. I’ve never even given a second thought for this type of holistic therapy – I can be quite dismissive sometimes…but OH MY GOD!! Try it – it’s like flushing away all the anxiety and replacing it with calm. And then she applied Reiki..utter bliss and prepared me for the week ahead


I then went to see my gorgeous homeopath Kay from Marlow Homeopathy – she instantly recognised where I was with my emotions and gave me the remedies I needed after my incredible EFT experience…she helped me make a complete U turn from the Friday experience

Sian & Jay

These two girls are my online rocks – they’re as fiesty as they are loving and I absolutely adore them – Jay and I were holding a photography workshop the next day, so they both stayed at my house…to say we had a complete laugh would be an understatement – needless to say, our planned early night, (I say ‘our’…what I meant to say was ‘my’) was one of wine and lateness!!


Jay Mountfords Photography Workshop at Home Barn


AMAZING day, incredible team and now I can switch from Auto to Manual on my most basic of basic cameras…I do need to buy a new one actually – thank you Jay for being the BEST teacher EVER and to Home Barn for hosting at their impossibly amazing venue, Tara Cain for shooting the day, and Claire ArchboldSian To, Lisa Levis and Danielle, Caroline Davis, Clare Nolan, Amanda Glam, Sarah Jones, and hosts Sarah and Sally Wilkie for being so much fun and creating a great atmosphere. Food was served at our gorgeous little local The Queens Head – if you’re ever in the area, please try the place out, the food is divine


Worked….like a headless loon all day, then later booked a much needed deep massage at home with the lovely Laura who recently started her blissful home spa service Glow On The Go – ouch but mmmm. She advised me to have another session as my shoulders are like rocks…to the point her hands were clicking during the half hour massage! She really went for it, thankfully using Aromatherapy Associates – possibly THE best massage oils ever and smell heavenly



A quick visit to my client Stellé Audio Couture to pick up some Bluetooth speaker samples for London Fashion Week – the office is based in Berkhamsted and bang next door to the most FABULOUS dress agency called Luminous & Vogue – I spotted some incredible, unworn Mark by Mark Jacobs shoes…my size…my style…just mine – timely I thought, and what with my name written all over them and that….they’re now MINE!! I also popped into Plume Boutique for a last minute outfit in time for Friday – this had to be done between calls, picking up the girls and making the tea…where there’s a will there’s a way… and bought a beautiful 2ND DAY dress and Tokyo Jane bangles

Featuring my bag from Ada Rose
Featuring my bag from Ada Rose

Then it was time to surprise our gorgeous friend Steph with a baby shower – we’re eeeeking with excitement about the prospect of a little tiny baby in our midst, so held a much needed gathering with our little group of girlies – I thought I’d try and to be funny and make sure she was kitted out with all sorts of embarrassing essentials, (yeah, hilarious)… and a pampering session from the lovely Laura (see Glow on the Go)


Bora Aksu’s show

London Fashion Week was as crazy as ever – I love the fact that even before I walk through the Somerset House archway, people are dressed for a party on another planet first thing in the morning…and that’s exactly what it is…planet Fashion – especially as I had to be at the venue for 6.30am – well worth it, as Bora’s show was amazing and gorgeous and clever as ever, inspired by his home town in Turkey. I tried to use my newly honed photography skills at this, but because I was media shadowing Bora, and there was all sorts of madness kicking off backstage, it was just too difficult – but his show is well worth a view and watch out for the GORGEOUS yellow dress – just stunning


Home Barn Shoot

So I dashed from Bora’s show up to Home Barn for 91 Magazine’s shoot at the Barn – the photographer Michael Sinclair was shooting in virtual darkness, how, I have no idea – all I can say is he’s hugely talented and I love his wild photography – this has all happened via Cybher, where the Home Barn girls, Sally and Sarah met Caroline (Patchwork Harmony), who owns 91 Magazine – watch this space once it goes live, it’ll be STUNNING

Dinner at the Chateau Marmot Pop Up Restaurant

I booked this ages ago after reading about it on my friend Hero’s blog Muddy Stilettos – a few of us had bought tickets, so all decided to group together on one table – a quirky and unique concept with great food created and overseen by chef Ottolenghi  – I loved the fact that it was based in the Rowing and River Museum in Henley….but boy did we drink too much!! I wanted to die the next day…


Mark Fast’s Show

Woke up wanting to die…recovered and head back down to London to meet the incredible Mark Fast. He’s amazing, even more amazing is the fact that he and Bora have worked together and are great friends…it was like being in a powerhouse of designers, especially when Bora wished Mark luck backstage before Mark’s show, which I have to say had me mesmerised. What a talented guy, his knitwear was just stunning and dark and hypnotic – I loved it



Met with family, had a roast, relaxed!!

I want to thank everyone who has been my angel this week – I’m so lucky and I’ve been a bit sulky and snappy of late. Thank God I have these people in my life alongside my amazing and patient family…I almost feel back to normal again x

15 thoughts on “a crazy week of angels…

  1. Gosh thanks for sharing the highs and lows of your week, what an inspiring blog post, love it. It’s so easy to forget the great moments in our life and some of those can be as a result of a high and low. I think its great to celebrate all these little moments, because when you look back it adds up to a pretty fantastic time. Think we all need to do a bit more of this 🙂

    1. I’ve been completely moaning of late Julie, and sometimes this is a great way to look back on who and what has inspired me in a week, and it makes me realise how lucky I am – I’ve missed out all the comforting words friends and family have offered while I was down…especially my mum, sister, hubby, daughters and my gorgeous girls here in Marlow – I’ll always look back at this post and be a bit more grateful for what I’ve already got…

      1. Very easy to do and we all go down that rabbit hole of negativity sometimes, where it is impossible to hear the comforting words. However, I always things if we create little habits like this after we have been in the thick of it, it helps for next time. Not only that by sharing this, you have probably helped others feel a lot better too. This type of post not only makes you feel more grateful but recording what you have done, it helps you to continue looking for opportunities just have a bit more fun in your week and relax. Thanks again, I am going to give it a go.

  2. Any chance to share with your neighbors from Bucks where did you have the tapping therapy? It sounds tempting really!

    I remembered you and your great post last Monday when my youngest started school. Quite an experence to drop them both in their school uniforms by the school door… I was of course a bit emotional but managed not to cry!

    1. Hi Eva,
      I am only in Marlow if you would like to try the EFT. I can be contacted on 07951 359195. Happy to talk on the phone and give you some information on how EFT can assist you in your life.
      Love and light

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