one more step along the world I go….

Sandygate School Yr 2

Last Wednesday saw my little girl’s last day at their incredible Sandygate School before the Summer Holidays began. It was an already bonkers week with work, attending a fashion trade show AND a press show, and the added challenge of volunteering the teacher’s gift collection plus an illustration as part of the present (see above….why do I do it?!!).

So it was with little surprise that when finally I had the chance to breath and attend the leavers morning for my eldest, (who will be moving onto Middle School…yes, we have a 3 tier schooling system over here like ye olden days), I burst into tears. I blubbed like a child as our 7 yr olds sang the Sandygate version of Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’, (lyrics included ‘friends forever’…I completely broke down at this point).

We’re very lucky to have such an amazing local infant school here in Marlow, the children are nurtured rather than pushed, and bullying is none existent – I love the teachers and I know my 7 year old will miss them so much. They have so many happy memories from this school and all the teachers should take credit for this. I believe the quote in the illustration, and hope that my girls will take all their amazing experiences from Sandygate with them into the future…


5 thoughts on “one more step along the world I go….

  1. Big Sis just finished reception: I was totally fine until I emptied out her bag and found the little name tag that had hung over her bag hook, and lost it. I was a total sobbing wreck for about 20 minutes until I finally managed to pull myself together, haha!!!

  2. I was fine when Big Sis finished Reception last week… until I went to empty out her bag and found the name tag which had hung over her coat hook, and burst into tears! I must have sobbed for a good 20 minutes. What a bunch of sentimental saps we are, ha ha!! 😉 xx

    1. I think we go on through our little one’s school lives oblivious, making the sandwiches, sending them off, picking them up – it’s all so normal and every day, until you realise how much they have progressed since pre-school. It blows me away…*starts sobbing again*…

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