magical, musical madness…

Emma's 40th

There are no words to describe how much fun I had this weekend….’magical’ and ‘incredible’ are just two. It was my gorgeous friend Emma’s 40th – we met Emma and Dom via our NCT group when we lived in Battersea, and we knew at that first and slightly awkward meeting that we’d be good friends. Little did I know though, how many other amazing buddies were behind them, which leads me onto my post…

Collage 2

We stayed at Ridge Farm, an uber cool,¬†hedonists rural hideaway and studio – Oasis and others recorded their albums here, hence the theme of the 40th centered around the music industry. Memorable moments had to be the tea, provided by talented duo Claire and Stuart, who created the food, drink and graphics (this included curry cupcakes…who knew, and vodka infused Earl Grey…there was a reason why this stuff was called evil), all were centered around lyrics and shaped as musical themes, just so clever and fun and yummy all at the same time.

40th collage 1

The final request was for us all to perform in front of said friends as an act, (I think most of us felt a little sick at the thought of having to do this…much alcohol was consumed beforehand). Ed and I went as Kylie and Robbie and sang Kids….really badly! We fell over, this was due to so many other reasons though!

So I dedicate this post to Emma – Happy Birthday darling, I feel honored to have been invited along with you and all your fabulous friends, thank you so much for such a memorable weekend…

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