it’s just a hedge thing…


It had to be said, my hedges needed a damn good trimming and it was so time to call my trusty team from Jenks Wokingham, Nathan and Stuart – the most experienced, trustworthy and attractive Arboritists in the land. By a long shot.

Hedge Trimming

They pop over, have a little look and post me a quote for pruning and trimming my overgrown foliage – clearly I approved. On this occasion however, I requested an old pine be chopped down and the stump to be styled into a table – this was absolutely no trouble…in fact, why not sculpt a couple of chairs and toadstools while they were at it from the remainder  of the tree – you know, for the kiddies…this added extra time onto their schedule. No trouble at all I said, (wide eyed and slightly dumbstruck)…

toadstools and chairs

Anyway, as you can see from the following pics, they did an incredible job – they are firstly and foremost brilliant at what they do. I call on them because I trust them completely – they’re not the usual cowboys who throw a leaflet through the door claiming that they’re already in the neighbourhood and would I like them to pop over for a reduced rate, which has happened and boy did I learn a lesson – after overpaying said cowboys, who did cut down the wrong tree, hacked unecessarily at the other mature apple trees left in the garden and brought all their dodgy looking mates through my house who looked at my valuables while I was on my own with a small baby, (never again) – I therefore cannot recommend Nathan and Stuart highly enough. If you are based in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire or Berkshire, are on your own during the day and need a team who are not only qualified, but are totally trustworthy and actually care about the way your garden looks…oh, and um…ehem…are a little easy on the eye *cough* – well you know who to call

hedge trimming collage


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