geeking around…

Cybher illustration


So it’s nearly that time of the year again – June madness ensues and one of my favourite events is about to happen. I am of course talking about the fab blogging event CYBHER on the 1st June. Founded by the inspiration that is Sian To, Cybher is the chance to inspire, improve and celebrate all that is blogging.

I’m helping along with others and am incredibly excited to be part of this event – it’s the perfect place to network with experienced and new bloggers, swapping and sharing experiences, learning and creating and finally meeting lovely new friends … I’m also very much looking forward to a few cheeky after-show cocktails, sponsored by Collective Bias…neurofen at the ready for the morning after!!

If you’re going, please please say ‘hi’, I’ll be the one looking confused, being bossed around by preggers Claire,  filling goodie bags and chatting with the Mollie Makes and Home Barn teams – ooh, and if you’re feeling creative, why not try your hand at designing them, you need to be quick though as the deadline is midnight 20th May (nothing like a little notice beforehand) – visit the Cybher Blog and download the template.

Lots of love to you and thank you for still following me even though I’m not the most consistent blogger…it’s been busy again xx

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