goofing around at Disneyland Paris…

Goofy & girls


It all started with a prayer. Literally. We had a school service at our church for Epiphany, and my eldest is a worship leader (!) – so each worship leader was asked what they’d like to pray for – first child mentioned saving the poor, sick and dying, a second wanted to save nearly extinct animals…my child? Oh, well she prayed to go to Disneyland! Let’s just say God was on her side on this occasion.

So the enormously expensive tickets for both Eurostar and the Disney Hotel New York were bought, during the Easter hols and with friends thankfully, as the idea of three days in Disney alone scared us. My husband needed his bromance with him as backup – so off we went with hope in our hearts, and slight fear of the unknown and unreal.

The journey there was made bearable due to a quiet train and an edible breakfast, we also left mid-week which helped I think. Oh and the weather was still cold, which in hindsight was great for the ques. We arrived about midday, dropped our bags at the hotel, which I have to say needed a bit of an update (apparently the cheaper hotels are in much better nick), and made our way down.

Our first ride was in the Walt Disney Studios bit. We accidentally went on the Tower of Terror. We quickly went to the Park after that. Dumbo and It’s A Small World didn’t really cut the mustard after that experience, and my 4 year old quickly became an adrenalin junkie so we were on Thunder Mountain in no time holding on for dear life. Quite liked it actually.

Disney Collage

I know a couple of people who are going this year, and these are my top tips:

– Go mid-week, we quickly learned at the Weekend it’s a whole less pleasurable, especially when it’s sunny – rain keeps the crowds away and the popular ride que times were much shorter

– Essentials have to be snacks, plasters and wipes – midday winging, falling off the last step of the Dumbo ride and spilled sauce were taken care of by these. I was the one who needed the plasters by the way. Still have the graze from that little fall

– If you have girls, book the princess dinner before arrival. We were sure this wasn’t going to be yet another Disney expense we were going to fall for. We fell for it. It was fab and all our girls met Cinderella and her mice, Belle and her incredibly camp Beast and Aurora – the princesses were absolutely lovely and our girls were spell bound. The meal itself was actually really good, and clearly our boys were kept sweet by the view!

– The light show was incredible, but make sure you turn up 30 minutes beforehand, same goes for the parade. We saw that twice though, second time by mistake and we walked with it which was so much fun

– Fast Track tickets are well worth the investment. We were incredibly lucky and this lovely chap with his son gave us his for free. If we’d known how brilliant they were, we would have also invested in this for a full day

– Take a pad and pen for character autographs. It seemed so ridiculous before we did it, but then it became quite a fun game spotting them!

All in all it’s magical and fun – sharing the experience with friends is brilliant, we shall always have these memories together which is priceless..


8 thoughts on “goofing around at Disneyland Paris…

  1. We took Lola to Florida. We loved the things you loved but OMG, there were a lot of things that did me in – mostly the families wearing their “Family Vactaion 2013” tees. Seriously guys. They’re sooooo uncool. L loved it though, and has since asked to go back to where Micky lives. She’s all over Minnie Mouse who we have explained is THE most important Disney princess of them all! I said after the new baba… then I will say when new baba is older… and on it will continue until she starts asking to go to Ibiza instead πŸ˜€

    1. Actually Emma, the Fastrack Tickets were free, I didn’t realise this until Liz Jarvis told me – I’m gutted we didn’t take advantage of that little gem – have a look into it before you go x

  2. Love it! Thanks Lizzie!
    We saw Angelina Ballerina at Hello Kitty land down the road a little while ago, she was ginormous, is that right?
    Was it a dream come true for you too!:)))))

  3. I worked for Disney Europe for a while and we used to have our conferences in the park in Paris, it became home from home but no less daunting when taking the Glam Teens when they were Glam Tinies. Thunder Mountain is about as brave as I go. We still have the book of autographs in the box of photos and papers to be opened by the Glams when they’re older. GG

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