brown paper packages…

make & do wrapping


I’m writing this the day after a completely over-indulgent Christmas Jumper Party – I was dressed as a furry, lit-up fool…I stop there about the party, I have family reading this post!!

So Christmas wrapping….don’t you just LOVE it? No? I do – some see it a chore, and I can see why – it’s just another task on top of all the other Festive Madness we endure at this time of year. But for some reason  I immerse into some sort of creative trance when I do mine. I need to be in the ‘Wrapping-Zone’, which means there needs to be some sort of last-minute pressure, coupled with some inspiration.


I’m inspired daily with my work and other amazing lifestyle bloggers, (my friend Caroline Davis with her blog Trend Daily for one), I decided to make more of an effort than usual this year, and so popped out to Hobby Craft for some stamps, ink and labels, then to V V Rouleaux for some gorgeous Stag Head ribbons…the Post Office for some brown craft paper and string…although I did look for some white originally but couldn’t find any. I also raided some old Christmas pot pouri for dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, berries and bay leaves, and snipped off some branches from our Christmas Tree, et voila – home made wrapping with a spicey aroma.

wrapping presents

Happy Christmas everyone – I really hope you have an amazing time and that 2013 is the best year yet for you. Apologies to friends and family reading this and for not sending any cards again this year…some things never change…

10 thoughts on “brown paper packages…

  1. This looks fabulous, of course! Have a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year with all the things you hope for. GG xx

  2. Ooooohhh they look great. I’m going all ‘with bells on this year” Thank goodness for V.V. Rouleau and Hobbycraft. There’s nothing that can’t look fantastic with a pretty ribbon and a jingle bell.

    I too didn’t get round to cards this year! I think I’m all christmased out!

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant 2013. XXXXX
    Em XX

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