time for an Autumn fashion fix…

Sam Edelmen Frances Glitter Heeled Pumps

It’s been a funny old time of late what with the dark weather and all that, so thought I’d throw a little Autumn fashion out there to uplift otherwise slightly damp spirits. What better to lift the mood than a pair of gorgeous sparkly shoes teamed with a few amazing pieces by some of my favourite labels, clearly from the ultimate boutique outside the M25 – Plume

I’ve had a chat about Plume before, owned by Gemma Fox (who weirdly used to work at the same non pc advertising agency that I did way back in 1998…random) and who owns Blankit Knitwear which she will be selling at the Living North Fair, well anyway, she went onto much greater things, eventually styling for fabulous magazines such as Easy Living and Marks & Spencer. She now offers her own Personal Styling service – she’s good at this, because I thought I could do it myself, but she just goes and throws a belt in the mix or something you’d think would look awful…then all of a sudden…tadaaa…something not as awful as originally thought…in fact rather lovely!

So to illustrate her powers of the style, I’ve included myself as the model here…I know I don’t look like Kate, and without sounding too narcissistic (says the ‘me’ blogger!), you can see that what she chose for me were pretty on the fashion mark…

By Malene Birger Astria Dress black £229, Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Hammered gold collar £49, Sam Edelman Frances Glitter pumps £125
Almost Famous Floral Velvet dress £145, Sam Edelman shoes as before
plume red dress
Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Velvet Bliss dress £245, Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Antique Sparkle necklace £109, Olga Berg Minaudiere weave clutch £55, Sam Edelman shoes as before

plume pelmet dress

Hoss Intropia Water mark glitter dress black £289, By Malene Birger Oreck Earrings £29, shoes as before
Rutzou Feather choker in slate £79, Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Sara Lane hammered gold cuff £29, shoes as before and Gemma Fox, (who is not for sale…any more!)

Modelling really isn’t my thing…at all…but hope you can see how lovely some of Gemma’s pieces are on me…there…I feel much better already!!

12 thoughts on “time for an Autumn fashion fix…

    1. Aw thanks gorgeous – the second dress was a bit nuts for my liking, then I put it on and thought it didn’t look too bad…I really wouldn’t have looked twice at it until Gemma told me to!

  1. These are great results! I went to book festival the other day and got the Casual vacancy signed…a friend took a pic of me and JK and I would love to do a blog post about it, but I look so dreadful in my baggy winter woolies I don’t think I can – I said to my friend ‘I need some professional help with my wardrobe NOW!!’ xx

    1. Oh Alison – you need a Gemma – she just pulls your wardrobe apart and puts it back together again, suggesting what will suit you and what you need to throw or how to update something by some clever fashion trickery…she’s very good you know – I wouldn’t say this unless she hadn’t wave her magic fashion wand with me.

  2. Perfect! You look lovely. I’ve always been a Day Birger Et Mikkelsen fan, love the style and fab accessories. You look very elegant in the Astria dress but my favourite is the velvet Bliss dress. The shoes definitely need to be bought – fabulous! GG

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