don’t knock french Chardonnay

So after an incredibly lively week in Fayence, South of France, we headed to the middle of France to meet hubby’s family who were holidaying at a fabulous converted barn based in the depths of the Bordeaux region, also known as Gensac. Again, I was blown away by the beauty of the area and the kindness of the locals. Hubby was too happy to be close to his two favorite things in the whole world (apart from his family of course), amazing food and fantastic wine.

Because this was Bordeaux, we had to visit St Emilion, one of the best regions for wine in the world, needless to say it was hugely touristy but gorgeous all the same. I bought soap…again!! Why? Because the price of the wine here was ridiculous and they were certainly catering for the tourist, and they did really good soap – we bought our wine from the local Spa near to where we were staying, which was more like a wine connoisseur’s dream!

Two highlights of this holiday had to be seeing our two girls having such an amazing time with their cousins, and a meal we had at a local restaurant called Le Jardin Des Cygnes – Philippe chose and cooked our food, thankfully we enjoyed scallops, steak and a strawberry sorbet/mousse type thing – he also chose the wine from his formidable cellar – he opened a Chardonnay…I reeled a little as I’m not a fan, but was pleasantly surprised – this was a gorgeous experience and took the stress out of making my own mind up…which was waning due to the amount I’d drunk over the course of the holidays. Anyway, hear Mr MiM ‘do his thing’ and educate on the authenticity of a bottle of something or other, while you snigger at my appalling and slightly cringey presentation! I’d had a glass or two before I did this…(click on don’t knock Chardonnay)…

4 thoughts on “don’t knock french Chardonnay

  1. So, guess where we went on holiday last year? Yep France and guess where we went to buy our wine? Yep. Saint Emilion! We bought some wine from one of the vineyards and it’s deelish. Only a couple of bottles left as we keep it for special occassions.

    It was really really beautiful there. Our first French holiday but definitely not our last!

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