first day back for my last little girl…

I had it all worked out; I’d buy the food the day before to make sure it would stay fresh, bath and wash & style their hair, read them a story and put them to bed at 7.30pm – then I’d sew and iron on all the labels, lay out the uniform and make sure the bag and shoes were waiting by the door in preparation for their first day back at school.

Little thought went into any emotions until we reached the front door and my youngest little girl, Lady P found her box with her name on, popped in her bag and made her way to her first classroom. A wash of emotions caught me by surprise and before I knew it I was in floods of tears. A really close friend of mine actually works in the same class P is attending, she didn’t see me break down thankfully, but I’m happy in the knowledge that my smallest will be with familiar people.

Both my little girls now attend one of the best primary schools in Buckinghamshire and I know that they will be so happy there – but I still can’t help feeling a little sad to see them grow up so quickly, it doesn’t seem that long ago since I was cradling them in my arms as little babies…

I wish everyone else experiencing the same today a happy first day back for their little ones – I’m sure we will be hearing all about their day later with smiles….meanwhile, I have to call the school as I stupidly can’t remember what time I have to pick up the smallest…d’oh!!

15 thoughts on “first day back for my last little girl…

      1. Liz, I love reading your blog… Always puts a smile on my face! I’m around -mostly- SW4 that is, but I do have a tendency to escape now and then, especially when it gets cold. When are you in London? (sorry for taking over the thread šŸ˜‰

  1. I was so where you are when my little one started school. Sobbing on the way home. How did she get so big so quick? Yesterday she started in year 2. Where did that go!

    Although she was only 4 1/2 and I really didn’t think she was ready to go to school (damn that January start!) she loves it. She’s made loads of friends and is really thriving!

    Your girls are gorgeous. Seriously mini you’s.


    1. Thank you Emma – I think it’s because she’s my last one. 6yr old was also a bit wobbly earlier, but am guessing she’s having a ball right now with all her friends. Hope you’re settling back into the school routine again x

  2. Incredibly wonderful photographs of our darling Girls. For the first time I can see so much of you in Poppy, Liz. How grown up do they look in their uniforms. Beautiful, beautiful Granddaughters. We’re so lucky. The sadness today will turn into pride and joy. Promise! All our love, Mummy and Daddy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks for putting words on how many of us are feeling today….I dropped my Year 2 boy this morning for his first day back. After kicking and screaming on his first day in Reception and Year 1, today he calmly waved bye and off he went into school, on his own and without even looking back. They grow way too fast…..

    Next year my princess will be in reception and can already picture myself sobbing!

  4. Oh my goooodness me I soooooo know how you’re feeling! Hello dear friend , and if we were in Marlow Daisy would be going off with Pops so that makes me sooo emotional too!
    She will love it! And how utterly cool they can go off together!! And they both look totally gorgeous in red……yeahhh!! Love you all xx

  5. Great photo’s; and lots of smiley faces for returning and starting school, you mush be a great mummy šŸ™‚

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