vive la France

It seems ages since the last time I was sitting here behind the ‘ol’ laptop, but here I am, a little  more at peace with myself – this is down to the ultimate ‘chill-induced’ holiday since…I can’t remember, and the fact that I read a fantastic book called The Tools, while I was away which has since taught me to stop wasting time on silly stupid things that are negative energy wasters…oh yes…I’m a changed gal, (she says just after screaming like a fish-wife, asking the little ones to BLOODY GO TO SLEEP! Well it is nearly 9.30pm)..

I think it’s clear to say that France is one of my most treasured places on Earth, it really is somewhere I feel completely at home and always have since my parents shipped me off to family friends, based in a beautiful village on the outskirts of Paris back in the mid 80’s. Most of our family holidays were in the South and I have only ever enjoyed myself there. So two weeks ago, we first of all set off to Fayence in the South of France to pop in to see some friends – we had tremendous fun and the whole affair was completely balanced. The children played/splashed together while the parents drank and ate lots and lots of lovely French wine/food/wine/food/wine/food…! We also ventured out for a run…(once….it was 43 degrees for flips sake…nuts)…and splashed some cash at the local market, but this was no ordinary market…no, this market had tasteful, chic little pieces for sale, namely the little Liberty bracelets, linen towels and the gorgeous locally made soaps.

We also flew onto Bordeaux to see hubby’s family after Fayence, but I’m saving that for a mid-week post, as this was a completely different experience, but let me say this now, I am completely blessed to have such incredible friends and family who have allowed us to enjoy two blissful weeks in Heaven – We’ve flown home with some hilarious and treasured memories which is what it’s all about non?

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