sunshine and silliness at Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival welcome sign

Exactly a year ago, it was decided that our Camp Bestival experience was so fab, we had to spread the word and invite more to join us for CB2012. So 12 families from Buckinghamshire were convinced to pack their tents and bob on down to Dorset – Lulworth Castle to be exact. Our local Off Licence had never seen such a quiet weekend!

Some of us arrived on the Thursday; a good move in terms of parking closest to our camp base as we later found out to others’ peril. And once settled, tea time soon came round. So with lit bbq and warm wine poured, our first night was enjoyed celebrating our friend Bolly Bashford’s birthday party (name change here if you think it strange). We made masks of her and had a jolly good time, footage of which can be viewed here, (I’m the cameraman by the way – Bestival Bedders is the presenter…it also cuts off quite quickly, sorry about that) – can’t quite beat sitting in a camp circle, (minus fire…didn’t need one), and talking utter nuttiness until the early hours.

Note to self and anyone else who’ll take heed…try to keep alcohol intake to a minimum if you want to enjoy the rest of the festival to its fullest. So without further ado, I’ll let the beautiful pics from my talented photographer friend Tenner (another name change…none of my friends want their names used…odd!), do all the talking…

Children dancing along with the English National Ballet, performing Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty from the English National Ballet
Camp Bestival face painting on my little girl - she has been painted as a fairy princess
Facepainting and Lashes
Camp Bestival bunny face paint on my littlest
Facepainting and Lashes
Lots of little girls wearing false eyelashes at Camp Bestival
Me wearing some face paint and a hat
Mummy’s Facepainting
In between performances at the main stage
Mr Tumble…love him
Fro Sho
need we say more…
Bolly Bashford’s Birthday Masks
Our morning saviour
Festival Flags

Let me know on Twitter if your’e going next year and we’ll try to arrange to meet you. Note internet connection was a bit dodgy, so tweeting and facebooking was almost impossible. It literally is a case of ‘meet me by the Pimms bar at such and such time’ the old days!

We had an amazing time and the sun shone…we all came away with tans and some fabulous memories – absolutely priceless…

9 thoughts on “sunshine and silliness at Camp Bestival

  1. Gosh Camp Bestival looks like my idea of hell…but love your Bolly Bashford Birthday masks…will def copy this for next significant friends significant birthday!! xx

  2. You obviously had a great time. Love the feather lashes. Wondered why you’d been so quiet (twitter). GG

  3. Hello Liz
    (Let´s just hope you see this on time)
    Hubby and I attending Olympics in Eton Dorney tomorrow morning. We haven´t gone out without the children in ages and are looking forward for that.
    Event finishes around 1 pm. Would you recommend us a yummy place in Marlow, for a memorable lunch on our way home pleeeeeeeeease?

    1. Hey Eva – of course – give La Cantina a call (gorgeous Italian – 01628 477885 or see if Hand & Flowers might miraculously have a table (2 michelin stars though, so uber memorable) – 01628 482 277 or Aubergine by the Compleat Angler – 01628 405 405 or The Royal Oak (fab pub food) 01628 488611. Hope all this helps and have an AMAZING time at the rowing xxx

      1. Thank you very, very much. Unfortunately I didn´t manage to check your page from the venue (smartphone proken, long history….) but have saved the fours recommendations for future but near use!

        The day went truly good. We ended up at Marlow Bar and Grill in the high street. Very nice food!

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