Feather & Black blogger challenge phase two…a cracking good time…

I’m sure most would agree that the chosen room for  phase one of the Feather & Black Blogger Challenge needed a bit of order…bit like my head really.

So I decided to do a spot of GSI, (aka Get Someone In), and asked a lovely painter and decorator to kindly pop on over and have a gander at the walls,  with the view that it needed just a basic paint job…

Could I have been more deluded?!!

What I presumed would be quite a lovely challenge to help sort out my home, has turned into an eye-opening issue that needed a serious tackle – I was advised that the mural would have to be plastered over due to the severity of the colours, the light switches needed replacing and the light fitting was dangerous, the cracks needed digging into and made larger so that they could be glued and skimmed (?!), the ceiling had to have some sort of gauze over its cracks so that the whole damn house doesn’t fall down!! OK – last sentence slightly dramatic, but I have a lot on at the moment.

There were a lot of these cracks – all around the edges of the ceiling, all over the walls…all over flippin’ EVERYWHERE!! I had a go previously with that ‘No More Cracks’ stuff, adding hundreds of pounds to a mounting bill as my patient decorators reverse engineered my attempts to assassinate the plaster-work…

Deep breath…(big smile)…next week I will attempt a reveal featuring the new wooden blanket box…I hope, (somehow have to persuade hubby to put up some shelves and I’d planned a spot of upcycling)…hopefully you’ll still watch this space..thank you if you do x

Note - Feather & Black is a leading bedroom furniture retailer with 36 showrooms nationwide, offering a wide selection of exclusively designed products including coordinating bedroom ranges, mattresses, wooden beds and bed linens for both adults and children.

4 thoughts on “Feather & Black blogger challenge phase two…a cracking good time…

  1. Wow! Looks like you really do have your work cut out! So not the easy makeover you were anticipating. I hope that you manage to get it all sorted out and it doesn’t eat up to much of your time.xx

  2. Surely you could have PVA’d the murals and then painted? Any way all the crack filling and gauzing will make for a job very well done. What are you up-cycling? Can’t wait to see the reveal. GG

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