phase one of my Feather & Black blogger challenge make-over…

random pink chaos

For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling that chaos has completely taken over – my everyday is out of control and life is literally flying by the seat of it’s proverbial pants – work/girls/family/social/school/fitness/the house…all of it racing ahead of me while I pant and wheeze trying to keep up, stuffing the days with as much as I think I can cope, forgetting dates and rarely taking notes of any life  ‘moments’ or making the time for what most would call priorities.

This is not good…

So a call came through from a lovely bedroom furniture brand called Feather & Black (the sleep gurus), asking whether I’d like to take up a ‘blogger challenge’. I did what I always do and said ‘yes’! Most would see this as yet another large dollop of work on top of the already overflowing plate of things to do….BUT…I love the brand, and more importantly, I see it as an opportunity to organise one small thing that is part of all the chaos – my home. Namely my  6 year old’s bedroom! OK, it’s not horrific, more like an innocent Tracey Emin!!

This room has been in dire need of a make-over for well over 2 years, and I just added and added to it – I’m a delusional painter – convinced a job can be done by myself, rather than forking out for it to be done properly. So I’m showing you the ‘before’ pics of one part of the chaos that is the room.

The unfinished mural and badly placed book shelves
note the huge crack on the wall
bad shelving, wonky wall stickers and random princess stickers – nice wooden furniture though
poor placing of two beds

It’s fussy, messy and scary – it needs sorting! So over July I will be making-over this little room, hopefully along with your support, as there will be four others who will also be part of said challenge – you can watch all our progress on Feather & Black’s Facebook page, which will also feature the lovely Jess at That’s Yummy Mummy, the fabulous Molly Forbes at Mother’s Always Right, the very stylish Jenny at The Style PA, vintage Bride to Be Abbie Hayden from All About Abbie and finally the inspiring Emma Bradley from Emma and Three – Good Luck girls….I have a feeling my little challenge isn’t little any more!!

Note - Feather & Black is a leading bedroom furniture retailer with 36 showrooms nationwide, offering a wide selection of exclusively designed products including coordinating bedroom ranges, mattresses, wooden beds and bed linens for both adults and children.

13 thoughts on “phase one of my Feather & Black blogger challenge make-over…

  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with this room. I’m sure it’ll be fabulous – what piece of furniture have you chosen? Shame about the murals. GG

    1. Oh don’t worry about the murals, they were rushed anyway and unfinished as usual!! I chose a blanket box that will start its life as a toy box, hiding most of the chaos from view!!

  2. It may be “another large dollop of work on top of the already overflowing plate of things” (great definition!) but your girls will be benefit and that is what matter most… Good luck and I will follow your progress!

    1. aw Eva – it was the only way I could articulate the chaos that is my life right now – thank you for following my chaos! Wouldn’t mind doing one of those supper clubs you were talking about recently with you for something to look forward to!! x

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