quintessentially Henley….regatta fun!

Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up, have fun with friends, consume Pimms and Champagne as if lives depended on it whilst basking in the sun by the river, soaking up a very British atmosphere? Yesterday was a fine example of this quintessential activity as a few of us headed down the Thames Path dressed to the nines for the Henley Regatta…this is usually a rambler’s scenic route, but on this occassion, walkers were in small dresses and high heels, much to actual hikers amusement!

a shoe boat!

We were in the capable hands of an ex rower, so we had our ‘spot’ reserved in advance and settled down to watch some boat racing and yacht posing…our sights were rarely on the boat activity though, there were just too many amazing distractions, namely the tiny dresses and HUGE heels…some of these creations were not wind proof though…and it was a VERY windy day!

dress from Isabella Oliver, corsage and bag from VV Rouleaux…husband, model’s own…

It’s not cheap, but the atmosphere was great and it’s definitely worth a trip to experience one of  Britain’s best Summer events…

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