stubbings salvaged stories

salvo fair 2012

Anyone who knows me will know I’m a complete vintage interiors nut. I have a passion for anything for the home with a history, mainly British heritage and pieces that some look on as junk….mainly my hubby love him!

I’m incredibly proud of the fact that our house is the only one on the street with its original wood frame and curved glass windows – window sales people should know not to approach me, as I’m more than happy to lecture them as to why I think it’s an utter tragedy that most houses now feature plastic doors and windows with fake stained glass patterns. Each one would have had a beautiful wooden door with it’s original lead windows, now ripped out and lying in a junk yard somewhere – it breaks my heart to see this as surely that was the main part of the house’s heritage?

So I’m in seventh heaven when a friend told me about the 2012 Salvo Fair being held at Stubbings in Buckinghamshire this weekend – literally on my doorstep are beautiful objects from every era, my favorite clearly being the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. If you’ve just read this, I’d highly recommend you go tomorrow, it really is a treat to have the most unique stores in the UK and Europe all in one gloriously muddy field….remember a pair of wellies and an old raincoat if you can…unlike myself who wore a highly practical white dress coat that has just been dry cleaned (doh!)

my crowning glory

I had to buy a crown for the garden, and a few old boxes for another project I’ll be posting later…so watch this salvo space!

This one’s for you Susie Forbes!
eclectic bottles
enamel strainers
refreshments served here
original stained glass and oak doors
vintage caravan
mini vintage baby chairs

vintage fork display

salvaged light switches
retro baby milk tins
salvaged bits and pieces
buckets and baskets

(By the way, if you follow me and are wondering why on earth it has taken so long to write this post, I’ve been considering a new design for the blog…not a great excuse I know – that and I’ve been a bit crazily busy….and I’ve been reading that bloody book 50 Shades of Grey…haha)

7 thoughts on “stubbings salvaged stories

    1. 50 shades…badly written…totally addictive!! You’ll love it if you can forgive the zero editing! haha! Yes, you would have LOVED it GG – go for some interiors inspiration…remember your wellies though x

  1. hi we went yesterday have to say though that the reason for all the new stuff is the price of the old. I have just awoken wiht a pacemaker fitted after finding out a kitchen door would cost £975!!!!!

    1. that’s a bit much!!! WOW…did it belong to the queen or something? Seems a little extreme for just a door! They’ll sell it though if it was gorgeous, they always do, shame it’s out of our reach though!

  2. This place looks amazing, thanks for the heads up, for next year anyway. I have one of those crowns too but it’s gone rusty on the balcony and has no green left. Shame! I’m not quite sure what they’re for though!

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