Chelsea Flower Show Stoppers

Jo Thompson’s Garden – A Celebration of Caravaning – Silver Winner

I could never claim to be a gardener – it’s a shame really, my father was an amazing farmer and my mother and sister are able to turn any plot into something beautiful with pretty scented flora & forna…I on the other hand, will spend a fortune at expensive garden centres (Stubbings usually), only to watch my once enthusiastic planting turn brown a few months down the line…frost is my enemy here!!

Indian Ocean – Latitude Seating

So when one of my clients (Indian Ocean) asked if I wouldn’t mind popping along to the Press Day at the Chelsea Flower Show, I jumped at the chance. I love this show, the atmosphere itself is such a buzz and the great thing about being someone on a stand, is that you can just about see and meet everyone – it was quite surreal to see so many celebrities walking past in a que – I couldn’t resist snapping Angela Rippon, who was such a sweetie – really wanted to snap Ringo Star, but lost the nerve! I’d never make a papparazzi…too scared!

Legend Angela Rippon

But of course it’s not about who’s there, but the beautiful gardens on show. I wondered off the stand to have a little look around, as I knew another couple of people who were there. Namely the gorgeous Kayla Robinson who was working on the World Vision Garden, which is where we snapped Alan – quite apt considering I met her the week before at Cybher with Sian To who is currently raising awareness for Niger and reporting on the situation over there.


Then I went to see my friend Annabel Lewis who is VV Rouleaux – she had a little shed in the Artisanal corner next to Orla Kiely – it was beautiful – I love VV Rouleaux.


And finally my other client Home Barn had loaned some of their fab pieces to Country Greenhouses by Alitex – their vintageness just fitted in so well, I almost missed them!


So the day was quite packed – my fave gardens had to be Jo Thompson’s ‘A Celebration of Caravaning’ which featured the cutest caravan called Doris – she reminded me of our family holidays in Wales when we used to caravan – clearly ours was some great ugly thing from the 70’s, which I’ll save for a future post! I also fell in love with Cleve West’s Winning Brewin Dolphin garden – he seems to win every year – amazing gardener.


So I’m all inspired and ready to plant….now where’s that trowel?!

4 thoughts on “Chelsea Flower Show Stoppers

  1. It’s all that Digging I struggle with!! I love the caravan but not sure I could do a holiday but as a summer house it would be perfect. BTW you missed a link to Indian Ocean. GG

  2. It looks amazing, blessed with glorious weather. The little caravan exhibit was my favourite. A heavenly little plot! Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx

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