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I don’t even know where to start with what can only be described as a Rollercoaster of a weekend – I attended and helped a little bit with one of the most inspirational events I have ever attended…for 2012 at least – Cybher. After a few weeks of being completely up to my eyes with work and emotional issues, this weekend was the perfect tonic for being let loose with fun, creative, intelligent, strong, amazing women – escaping my little life bubble, that I adore, but everyone needs a change of scenery now and then no?

The day started in search of coffee for team Cybher, helping pack the fantastic goody bags by The Leather Satchel Company – a stunning array of colourful, leather loveliness all lined up for some lucky bloggers, containing all you need for a day of inspiration. The doors were opened and the day began – being the secret style spotter, I couldn’t help but notice how stunning Lea Rice of the girls from The High Tea Cast looked – sadly I missed their presentation later, but at least I had a good old peak at their cute cupcake hair hairclips from Now Voyager.

The conference had me at the opening title ‘What’s The Future of Blogging?’ with Cat Turner, Jess Markwood, and my personal online idols, Natalie Lue, Poppy Disney and Eva Keogen – gleaning little gems from these blogging genei on how and where blogging is leading and the power and future of it all.

I have to say, there were a couple of major highlights for me, namely the session titled, ‘The Darker Side of Blogging’ by Zoe Margolis, editor of the hugely popular blog ‘Girl With a One Track Mind‘, a complete inspiration and so interesting – she is a feminist who writes about sex the way it should be written…real and not wrong between two consenting adults – she described at the time of her book launch, how the press tricked her into exposing her identity (via a flower delivery and a courier asking for her signature away from her door…so sneaky)…she was just awesome – read her blog if you find the chance.

Finally the ending session with Justin Byworth, Director of International Programmes for World Vision and Liz Scarff – both highlighting issues that are currently critical in Niger and something, whether we’re bloggers or not, can help and support, clearly lots of tears were flowing at this point. This is why Sian To is so amazing – not only did she put the whole of Cybher together (with her fantastic team who were so much fun), deal with her every day, (which is also incredibly demanding), but she’s off to Niger next week to see for herself what is happening out there so she can report back the realities of the situation. There are awful problems over there and this session inspired me to join the Child Sponsorship – I’d love to know that I can help the lives of two little girls the same age as mine.

So afterwards it was time to let off some SERIOUS steam – I can’t divulge into too much information, but I’ll say this – I had the best fun in a long time with a fab group of girls, was stupidly drunk in every sense of the word, rode a rocking chair like a silly buckaroo, climbed up a disabled lift and motor boated poor Nickie O’Hara’s fabulous decolletage…I felt utterly broken the next morning – I’m so super happy to have made some fab new friends and make up with someone I haven’t seen for years….(actually that was amazing)…

If you couldn’t make it this year, there are lots of session presentations uploaded by the speakers – just check the Cybher website out for more info, then make sure you keep up to date with all the news and book your ticket for 2013 once they’re available – it’s definitely worth its weight in Cybher gold…

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